Self-Care & Skin Care to Refresh for Spring

Posted on: March 7, 2021
By: Christie Garofano

Self-Care defined is the “active practice of protecting one’s own well-being & happiness in general and during times of stress.”

In our most recent healthy living workshop we discussed the topic of self-care and also skin care as we creep away from winter and plan for spring.

Here are some thoughts on both topics…..

Categories of self-care that are beyond exercise and nutrition, which we are active in day in and day out with our members.

  • Body Work – Regular use of a foam roller, massage stick, therapy ball or percussive massage device like the Thera gun can further aid in a pain free body when used correctly. Massage & Chiropractic care can also help preserve our bodies outside of our regular exercise and movement routines.
  • Nature – Getting outside in the fresh air in nature not only increases energy expenditure outside of our formal exercise sessions but also drives energy and inspiration into our senses and away from digital devices.
  • Confidence & Mindset – Surrounding yourself with positive people and sources of information helps reinforce resilience in challenging time. You become what you continuously here and who you spend your time with.
  • Medical – Staying on top of annual and age related preventative medical exams and physicals help prevent chronic health conditions or worse.
  • Life – Making time for life outside of work and creating relaxing spaces in your home can help bring serenity and abundance to your life while keeping your energized for the daily rigors of life.
  • Caregiving – If you take care of family members, be it children, spouses, pets or aging parents or others with significant health issues, it is paramount that you find ways to take care of yourself so you can can care for others.
  • Work – Workaholism is a very real issue. Finding a way to balance work and life prevents burnout and bitterness. No one will do it for you, you have to figure this out for yourself no matter how much you love your daily work.
  • Mental Health – Now more than ever this is critical. Knowing if you need assistance from a coach or counselor is critical before you get in a debilitating depressive hole that you cannot dig yourself out of!

Skin Care as Self-Care: Good skin care is good health care emotionally & physically, allowing us to age gracefully. Here are the steps our member presenter and 13 year Mary Kay Consultant Lisa Miglorie shared with us to practice regularly:

  1. WASH daily in the morning & evening
  2. Moisturize with SPF on face & neck using an out & up fashion to avoid pulling skin down. Apply eye cream with ring finger as it is the finger with lightest touch.
  3. Exfoliate (Wednesdays & Weekends)
  4. Supplement (Facial Mask)

What are some areas in self-care & skin area that you are doing well with and what are some areas you can improve upon?

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