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The foundation of Body Essentials is Private or Semi-Private fitness training. Both offer flexible scheduling and a personalized, results based approach to each training session. You will have a strong support system and motivation from your coach and your peers whether in a training session or group fitness class.
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What is included in BE Personal Fitness Training?

Even with online availability, not everyone has time to work with a personal trainer on a consistent schedule. If you find that your workouts tend to occur whenever you happen to have the time, working with Body Essentials to create a remote training experience can be the solution to all your health fitness goals. You can access expert guidance for your workouts and lifestyle strategies in order to get on a lifelong path to health. 

Working with a personal trainer offers numerous benefits for your fitness journey. If you prefer a private experience or have multiple health issues or injuries, private personal fitness training may be a better fit. However, it may be difficult to incorporate private training into your schedule and budget. Semi-private fitness training offers a great solution without compromising the personalized attention you ll need to continue safely challenging yourself in your individual and group workouts. If you enjoy a social component to your fitness routine, you ll be right at home in our semi-private group sessions.

Our consultation process will conclude with a professional recommendation for a plan that is optimal for your schedule, budget, and goals.

60 Minute Training Sessions
All training sessions are 55- 60 minutes
in length, so you ll have plenty of time to work thoroughly thru a workout on Zoom with your coach.
Personalized Coaching
Each workout includes an effective warm-up that will help the main workout period more efficient and effective. Each session builds off the one before and can be altered as needed for anything that may come up in your body. Each workout will finish with an efficient cool down and check-in period.
Unlimited Access to Group
Your personal training program will be
supplemented with BE Group Fitness
classes to help you keep moving. These classes are offered on a  thoughtfully designed weekly schedule with a variety of workouts available throughout the Week Monday-Saturday.

What are the benefits of Online Personal Training?

Work with a Coach
Personal training with BE not only provides structure And accountability, but is far more flexible and Consistent than  training in person.
Your coach Will not only serve as your guide during live online sessions Via Zoom and during group fitness Classes but will also provide pre-recorded on-demand Workouts personally curated for you during Periods of travel or when your schedule cannot otherwise accommodate your live sessions. 
Select a Workout
Our on-demand library boasts dozens of workouts ranging from HIIT, Strength, Spinning, TRX, Kettlebell, and Yoga all at a length of 20-45 minutes.
We also have some workouts available on our You Tube page. 
Align Your Life
Literally take Body Essentials everywhere you go.
Whether at home, in a hotel or vacation rental. Your coach Can design effective workouts for any amount and type of equipment in a space of any size. At times your coach will even Meet you away from the usual studio space during periods Of professional and personal travel. 

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Looking for more options?

Whether you prefer to workout in a larger group or even private 1-on-1 training, we have a program for you.
Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Access pre-recorded training sessions with complete freedom to fit your schedule. On-demand personal training is our most flexible program and includes a wide variety of workouts to help you reach your goals.

Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Whatever type of of workout you're looking for, you'll find it with our dynamic variety of classes.
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