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Whether training in a group, privately or taking a class, you will be supported as personally as you choose by Body Essentials fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programs building overall wellness and health.
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Health Coaching

Flexible Fitness Studio Schedule
Access our fitness studio on a customized fixed or flexible schedule.
Training Variety
Never get bored with your online personal training. Choose from a variety of programs for all fitness levels with highly qualified coaches and instructors.
Health Coaching
Enhance your online fitness with nutrition support & lifestyle behavior accountability and education.

Choose How You Access Your Online Personal Trainer with Our Fitness Studio

Find structure and support with our online fitness programming model that helps you create a well-balanced lifestyle, even with a demanding daily schedule. Choose from the following to build a routine that works for you:
Semi Private Training

Online Personal Training

Semi Private Training

Online Personal Training

Semi-private training groups include 2-5 members working together with one coach via interactive Zoom calls.
Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Access pre-recorded training sessions with complete freedom to fit your schedule. On-demand personal training is our most flexible program and includes a wide variety of workouts to help you reach your goals.

Our Results-based Approach

Experience flexibility, enjoyment, and success working out at home with Body Essentials guiding your fitness and wellness  journey.
We begin building a relationship through our consultation process that establishes the foundation of your journey. Understanding your prior experiences, current lifestyle, desired goals and level of commitment to achieve those goals.
The next step in our process is a full assessment that includes measurements and movement. This gives us further information about your level of confidence and the data we need to start designing and building your workouts.
Time to get moving! Starting with building strength and endurance through effective warm-up and cool-down strategies as well as reassess what is working well and what are need to modify. Improving not only your health, but overall well-being.
Not sure which training program is right for you? Book an online appointment for your consultation or simply call us today.

Real stories from real members

Everyone has a different reasons and goals to workout. Our fitness studio is here here to help you achieve your unique goals.
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