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To flourish is to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. BE Health Coaching is about connecting the main drivers of health and longevity in alignment with the day to day rigor of work, family and the various other parts and pieces that threaten our overall wellbeing. Exercise in alignment with nutrition, sleep, and stress management promote the greatest possibility for living a long and energetic life with prolonged physical, emotional and cognitive functioning.  
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Why Health Coaching?

Sometimes we just need a guide, someone on our side that we can trust to get us over hurdles to long term changes in our health. And sometimes we just need to talk, be heard and supported thru the challenges of changing behavior patterns that are no longer serving us. Working with a coach can help us break thru to a version of ourselves we never thought would be possible. Health coaching at BE will collaborate with you to create an actionable, healthy & inspired life beyond fitness alone. 

Using Positive Psychology theory and a strengths based approach to our sessions, your BE Health Coach assists you in creating a road map to a sustainable and healthy you in body & mind despite the rigors of daily life professionally & personally. We are your partner to improved fitness, nutrition, work-life flow, and an overall optimal life of inner and outer harmony physically and mentally. 
Nutrition Education
We are what we eat. We will help you understand what it will take to feel your best without sacrificing all the good stuff. No fad diets here or weight loss supplements. 
Wellness Programming
In addition to Fitness and Health Coaching we provide periodic special focus programs to deep dive into a specific health and wellness topic. 
Longevity Focus
Our goal is to support our clients with the knowledge and tools to live a healthy and vigorous life for as long as possible

Attaining balance, motivation, and strength

Health coaching is a stand alone service or can be combined with our online personal training.  Your fitness journey extends beyond your physical strength. Therefore, to find ongoing success we must interconnect exercise and nutrition into daily life while also making time For rest and leisure. Often times it is hard to Strike a balance of all the things that bring health To the body and mind. 
As a client with Body Essentials, we will stay connected with you beyond your sessions and we will provide actionable strategies for your unique lifestyle in a manner that works for you. 
BE Flourishing

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Where Are Your Barriers to Success?

Commitments to Others

It’s easy to prioritize the needs of others over ourselves. However, by prioritizing your self-care first, you become better equipped to commit your time to those around you.

Vision & Motivation

Find clarity in your goals to understand your motivators and work with them, rather than against them. If you’ve struggled to stay on track with your fitness, losing sight of your motivation may be one reason why.

Health Conditions

Pain points, fatigue, medication side-effects, and general malaise can prevent any desire to exercise regularly. We can help you start small with nutrition coaching for some quick benefits that will help you continue forward. Eventually, you'll also notice a reduction in the severity of chronic health conditions.


A deficiency-based mindset will never promote long-term success. In addition, believing there is not enough time or that exercise is too hard or does not work will stop you from taking action that can help to improve your well-being.

Stress Management

We all have stress in our daily lives. Developing coping strategies for stress and unexpected events will create resilience and also help keep you dedicated to your healthy habits.

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