This years weather is putting a delay on the gardening season this spring which means there is still time to get (re)started on an exercise routine to prevent those seasonal gardening and landscaping aches and pains.

It can be physically exhausting to do yard work, especially if you are otherwise sedentary in the winter months. Between the digging, the pulling, the bending, and everything else in between, our body becomes sore and aches the following day. Do you know that strength training, and even cardiovascular training, can improve and lessen the injuries of gardening and landscaping?

If you have joined us at Body Essentials, daily living activities such as moving boxes, carrying groceries, and moving furniture have become MUCH easier. Why is that? Your strength training sessions! Remember those back extensions or super(wo)man’s we do on the floor or exercise ball? That will help with bending over in the garden to do all the labor it entails. Even the rows with dumbbells and barbells strengthen our back to prevent injury with no more aches and pains. Remember those bicep curls, tricep kickbacks/ pull-downs, and shoulder exercises? All of those exercises you are sweating and pushing through during your training at Body Essentials will help you pull the weeds and dig the dirt not to mention the benefit of squats and lunges.

On the cardiovascular side of everything….remember those burpees, mountain climbers, plank jacks, and every other cardio intensive workout we have you do? All of these exercises have increased your endurance and the strength of your heart and blood flow. These cardiovascular exercises will help you dig longer and be less physically exhausted because your endurance in cardio has increased! Sounds awesome, huh? And Spinning?! Those rides are also increasing your ability to log in the long hours to have a beautiful yard!

Clearly, strength training can help much more than just gardening and landscaping, but with great weather just around the corner…it is time to start applying your knowledge and strength from this winter, and use it around your house!!! Also, getting outside and absorbing all the vitamin D is always important. If you read this and have never been to our studio but feel like you could benefit from an exercise program to help you feel more energized and confident for any aspect of daily life, get in touch with us today!

Everyone knows they should exercise and most likely why but often times we hear, "I don't have time," "I have done it all before and know I should start again but...," "I don't know how," "I can't or won't do it on my own but I don't want to pay for a gym or a trainer." Those may seem like legitimate reasons not to exercise but what really is being said is "I don't care enough about my own well-being that I will not make time to exercise," "I will look foolish exercising around other people because I am self-conscious about my lack of knowledge on what to do," "I am ashamed that I let myself go from my previous experiences and results from working out and am afraid of failing," and "I should be able to exercise successfully on my own so why would I pay to be a member of a gym or to work with a trainer?" Again, all of those are legitimate reasons and concerns that keep people from starting and sticking with a workout routine. Here are our top 5 reasons why YOU should start exercising TODAY & not stop until you have reached your goal(s).

1. Exercise is Medicine: The benefits are ENDLESS. From managing pain in your low back, to knees, and shoulders, a solid exercise program will decrease and eliminate pain that non-exercisers typically have from lack of activity & a weak body as a result of lack of movement. From daily walks to some simple strength training exercises you will not only reduce pain but you will improve your chance of keeping other risk factors at bay like managing blood sugar levels that will prevent diabetes, reducing stress and managing blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, increasing strength to prevent falling related injuries, maintaining optimal posture, mobility & balance!

2. Exercise increases confidence whether feeling better about yourself when you look in the mirror or put on your favorite dress or pair of jeans, or opening a jar of pickles! Making it through your first fitness class, personal training session, or your favorite workout will make you feel like super woman/man! There is a great "high" that comes from exercise that makes you feel like you can make it through anything life or your day hands you. It is hard to put a price tag on that feeling!

3. Aligning exercise with good nutrition habits and life balance can increase your level of happiness significantly. Who doesn't want to feel like they have it all together when it comes to life, work, and family? Taking that time for yourself will actually help you take better care of those in your life that you care for whether it is at work or in your personal life.

4. Taking time out for exercise will actually make you more productive. Imagine that, making time for exercise and reducing that time you grind away at the rest of your life will actually make that grind more efficient and effective not to mention put you in a better mood. Just 15-20 minutes of exercise can help you re-set and refocus your day for amazing results not matter whether you work full time, are a stay at home mom or retired!

5. Exercise will keep you sharp in mind & body no matter what your age. Everyone wants to age gracefully right? Well a regular workout routine will boost your energy, brain health, and keep you lean and mean as you age which means you will have tons of energy to enjoy each and every day of your life and be resilient enough to handle the challenging times! Doesn't that sound like fun?!

Now, isn't it time to get up and outside for a walk? Walking is a great place to start! You are only one workout away from a better day and better mind and body so up and at'em! And if you need extra support adding more exercise to your life but not sure how to proceed we would love to help you!

BE home sweat home...

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