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I started gaining about 10 pounds a year until I hit a weight of 285 pounds in 2013. I love to travel and often had to worry if I could fit in a plane seat and had my own seat belt extender because it was embarrassing to ask for one. Daily struggles included trouble getting from a seated position to a standing position, my knees always hurting, and waking up in the morning thinking about what I would eat for the day and going to bed at night planning meals for the next day. Everything I did revolved around food.

There were two things that made me decide that I had to do something to change my lifestyle. One of the biggest was being diagnosed with a hereditary electrical heart condition. Even though it was electrical I began to realize that my weight and inactivity could exacerbate the condition because I could do actual damage. The other wake up call I had was when my husband had to reinforce the platform on the sail boat, so I could get on and off the boat. It was time to make a major change.

I tried many things at the beginning including Weight Watchers, delivered meal plans, and Atkins. Each time I would lose some weight only to gain it back with a few extra pounds. That’s when I decided to explore bariatric surgery. For any one that thinks this is “the easy way”. I guarantee you it is not. It was over a year of pre-op work including a no weight gain policy for the year+ of the pre-op. The pre-op included classes on nutrition, follow up with my primary care physician and a psychological consult. It also included a two-week pre-op diet of 1000 calories and 10 grams of fat max because most people who are morbidly obese have fatty liver disease and there is a risk of harming the liver during surgery if it doesn’t shrink before the day of surgery. There is a risk that the surgery would be canceled if the liver didn’t shrink.

I had the surgery in February of 2015 and the weight began to melt off, but it wasn’t without problems. It was painful and I was so tiered for over a month because it was hard to even get sips of fluids down. I started on one week of a liquid diet and then progressed to a week of soft and then ground meats only for two more weeks before gradually adding food. The recommendation was to get 60 grams of protein in a day and that was a challenge as I could only sip fluids and take one or two bites at time. It was a challenge.

Within two months into my post-op days I joined a couch to 5k with a friend and I didn’t stop. Exercise became a part of my daily routine from then on out. I got down to around 160 pounds and was strong and felt fantastic. I had confidence I hadn’t had before. I also started working with a trainer multiple times per week to gain more strength and tighten up my body after all the weight loss as I was carrying around a lot of extra "skin" & surgery to remove it was not an option. About a year later I found Body Essentials and started training and taking classes multiple times per week. After two years of hard work, progress and a wide variety of experiences I was presented with an opportunity to study to get certified as a personal trainer. I became certified with 4 months of study and later became certified in RaisedBarre in addition to earning a certification kettle bell training. I was strong health and happy. My joints didn’t hurt anymore. I even completed a Spartan race.

Now, 4 years into my surgery my eating habits began to slide. I saw old habits creep back and the weight began to creep up. As the weight creeped up it became harder to do the things I love so I stopped doing them, so the weighed creeped up. I hit over 200 pounds again. Not wanting to face it I ignored it and avoided things that made me face it. I am writing this today because one of the people I avoided made me face it. So, my journey begins again starting here and now. I am committing myself to remember everyday how good it felt to be strong healthy and happy and lose the excess weight that was causing my body and mind pain. I know it will not be easy but I have been given the tools I need so I have to use them. I am taking the time to focus on myself and my lifestyle. This includes taking time off from teaching and coaching fitness to others so I have the extra time for my own workouts. The bariatric surgery continues to prevent me from over eating but it doesn’t prevent me from eating the wrong foods. I have the best support system at Body Essentials, not only the trainers but also from the BE family. I am thankful I found them 3 years ago. Body Essentials gives me the guidance for proper nutrition, exercise and over all mental health and I know I will be successful with this next phase of my journey.

I know I am not alone in saying that I am sick and tired of the wet, cloudy weather that has followed up the gray and snowy weather.  I do love the multiple seasons that make Vermont special but for the first time ever, I would take a sunnier and warmer location for living and working. Think about it, it is May, we have been in gray, wet and cold temperatures since at least November…..6 MONTHS! We have a shot at 4 months of warm and sunny weather with 2 more months that are a toss up. ARGH! Reality is that I am not moving anywhere sunnier soon and do not have the time to head to any land of palm trees, beaches, and sun filled sky every month in order to get my spirit and vitamin D recharged. If the same goes for you, then we need to some strategies to keep our Vermont loving gas tanks full so here are some of my favorite ways to stay in love with Vermont when you live with 22/30 days of rain in the month of April and limited sun thus far in May.





Sunnier Days are ahead (I hope) so don’t give up hope but do embrace the abundant opportunities we have in our great little state to enjoy on sunny, rainy, and snowy days before heading south or west to sunnier and warmer locations! The grass is not always greener elsewhere.

This post was written by a former team member in 2018 but my morning routine of over 2.5 years is still the forefront of well-being as a fitness professional and business owner. I cannot speak for everyone in the caregiving/service field but for I feel strongly that making a way of taking care of yourself first and an on an on-going basis when you spend your day helping and teaching others to do the same is at the center of being able to sustain oneself in the fitness business or any work related to caring for others PLUS why would anyone trust someone dispensing and educating on health and well-being if they do not appear to practice what they preach?! So ponder my level of craziness getting up now as early at 3:30am to keep sometime for myself each day.

Trainer Christie Garofano wakes up at 4 a.m., when the rest of the world is still in bed.


Ask her and she'll say it's the most critical part of her day.

In her profession, where she's constantly giving to everyone else, this is the time she gives to herself.

For the past 11 months, Christie has structured her mornings around what she learned in the book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Elrod teaches you to start your day with this routine called S.A.V.E.R.S.:

SILENCE (AKA Meditation)

Sit calm and peaceful. Breathe in and out slowly. Be in the present.


Remind yourself of how capable your are. Focus on what’s important to you and read positive affirmations out loud. 


Close your eyes and visualize your daily goals, what it will feel like when you reach them. Imagine what your day will look like and then create it.


Get your heart rate up and get energized.


Read a self help book to learn a new tidbit or a new fact or to discover something new about yourself.


Write down what you’re grateful for - what you’re proud of - to put you in an empowered state of mind. 

Christie heard the author speak at a business owner’s conference and she said it's changed her life.

“It means that I am giving to myself everyday prior to taking care of everybody else all day long as a trainer, coach and business owner,” she said. “It helps me focus and proceed mindfully into the day.”

This is what her  S.A.V.E.R.S routine looks like, from start to finish:

4 a.m.-wake up (no alarm needed).

5-10 minutes - SILENCE-Christie mediates for 10-20 minutes.

2-3 minutes - AFFIRMATION Christie uses the ThinkUp app on her phone which has a selection of pre-recorded affirmations. It also allows you to pre-record your own affirmations.


2-3 minutes - VISUALIZATION-Christie visualizes what the day will look like.

25-35 minutes-EXERCISE-Christie walks her dog for 1-1/2 miles if she’s not doing a strength training routine or yoga.

20-30 minutes -READ- Christie is currently reading

1 minute -SCRIBE-Christie writes in an online journal with the app Stigma. (in addition to noting daily gratitude handwritten (lost art) in a journal) The app is handy because it limits journal entries to 200 characters. It also allows you to rate how you’re feeling.

There you have it. Who's ready to give it a try? If you feel like you need to freshen up your daily routine or just feel like you would like to increase the meaning in your life, week, and day, I highly suggest this book and routine. Soon after I read the book the author was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer with a very low survival rate. He fought the cancer and is alive and thriving today…...perhaps due to the high quality of life and daily practice of SAVERS and the value it brings into the rest of his day and overall well-being. Exercise is not the only tool in our box of health and well-being. Weaving in practices that keep our mindset as strong as our fitness are as equally important to stay resilient to life’s challenges.

BE. Well.

My husband and I have been together for almost 9 years. Before we met I had never had a dog as a pet. As our 9 years have progressed so has my relationship with our now 14-year-old Australian Shepard Austin. I do not know much about the development of dogs but Austin was 5 when I first met him and he jumped all the time and I was not crazy about that but I suppose he was just a kid at that point but perhaps old enough to know better. Nonetheless he has grown into a faithful friend whose best day is every minute of each day. Recently I got thinking all the great correlations I can make to the four pillars of health and what dogs can teach us. So keep reading.

What do I mean by the pillars of health? The four critical pillars of health that inter-weave with one another to create a truly healthy life includes: Exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management. As a fitness professional I do not like to say that nutrition is probably the most important but in this day and age with a growing obesity issue and sky rocketing diabetes crisis, nutrition is far and away the best way to decrease side effects of obesity and diabetes. At a time where sitting is considered the new smoking, a physically active lifestyle comes in a close 2nd place for helping us live a long vigorous life free of disease and rich in preventative measures against age and lifestyle related health complications like falls, fractures and joint replacements! A variety of unhealthy sleep patterns prevent us from benefitting from good nutrition and exercise practices and an inability to bounce back and actively manage stressful life events and day-to-day stressors can undo the other three patterns more than we like to believe. So what do dogs have to do with all of this? And where do cats fit into this post? Keep reading!

On dogs and the pillars of health:

Ok so what about the cats? Well first, I lost my cat of 10+ years in March of 2018. Target was a great companion and similar to Austin would meet me at the door many days when I came home from work. It took me over a year to feel ok with the absence of her temperamental presence. Cats are like humans when it comes to caring for our health, consistently inconsistent.  Cats (especially indoor cats) seem to be put out by exercise including walking to the food bowl or litter box. I mentioned earlier that Target lived on the 2nd floor of our house for almost two years to the day but once she finally stood her ground and told Austin to cut it out, we were unable to successfully transition her litter box to the basement. That was apparently too many stairs to take multiple times each day. Cats are finicky about their nutrition and as Target got older she got fussier with her food selection. Cats are not as resilient to the stress they have  (in our case Target’s stress to old age and failing health and still being annoyed by the dog). And finally, cats sleep so much, they do nothing else except find other locations to hide and sleep so their canine and human counterparts will leave them alone!!!!!!

As We wind down our programming for a long weekend and a week of workouts balanced woth recovery ❤️‍🩹 & intensity 🏋️‍♀️ It makes my heart happy to see how passionately everyone shows up, tries new things, expands beyond their comfort zone & gives 100%+

Working our core is not just strengthening our body but about feeling all the feels…..showing up  when we may not feel like it, trying a workout that may not be our favorite but knowing it will be good for us, and working thru all the hard stuff as it arises.  Listening to our heart and not that pesky judgmental voice in our head! 💜 

We walked a lot of miles in June, logged dozens of Zoom workouts, intentionally picked up and set down thousands of  pounds. And now we rest, reset, restore and return on Tuesday for a mew adventure! July is for mobility & flexibility on top of our usual work. 

My heart is full & grateful as I rest, celebrate, & prepare………….

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Whether health, career, state of mind or anything else, changing  our habits take time, engagement and understanding of ourselves. 

21 days is what you will see as a supposed sweet spot for creating a new habit but that is simply the beginning that can be created with sheer will power and perhaps that will power will turn into sustained long term change. 

But for anyone who has tried and then returned to old behaviors, there is more to it on that journey because stressors will take us off course, events, and that dirty, no good voice in our head will play games. 

Making the decision to change and the. Starting to design our human, built and  behavioral environment around what we are seeking and continuing to reinforce and create helps knock out those things that take us off track . 

Knowing why we want to change has to be strong to surpass the other options and continue to build the new. 

We are talking months here………

Do mot throw in the towel. Remember what made you decide to make the journey. The journey os worth  it and once you get there, every decision to change and the journey will be easier.

On Friday a client was stressed feeling as if the week got off track and things were not going well with nutrition and exercise. We worked out, talked, got back on track and on Monday determined that pesky voice was the culprit not her action. 

Just stay the course………

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I think it is normal to feel a blend of emotions as we pass thru years of our lives. I believe in sitting with that and making some meaning and then moving on instead of just being our age or condition as if it is the only choice. 

🖤 Age is a number. We do not have to let the number identify when we stop trying at life.

🖤 Menopause is not a disease or a sign of end of life for women. Sure several things happen but like in other seasons of life we just have to adjust

🖤 We have a choice how to think & act in the aging process and that can make all the difference

🖤 With age comes wisdom, let’s use it to our advantage and never stop learning & improving. 

In my latest blog post (link in bio) I talk a little bit more about all of this written off the belief that I have 100% control of how well I will age and who I will partner with as needed & when needed. 

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This #wellnesswednesday let’s marinate in kindness to and about ourselves & towards others. We can never give or receive too much…..

🏋️‍♀️In fitness I always say there are certain exercises that never go out of style so you just need to learn to love them as resistance just make them harder! Any guesses to any of the exercises I am referring to? 

💃Self-loathing & body shaming ourselves or others is simply disempowering. Thinking, acting, and speaking kindly engineers our brain to a positive state of mind and working from a positive place allows us to work with the tide instead of against it. 

Todays yoga 🧘‍♀️ practice is all about loving 🥰 kindness & opening the heart sending goodness to ourselves, those we love, those that challenge us and to the world 🌎 as a whole. 

Make it a great day for yourself & those around you. 🙏 

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ahhhhhhh the weekend! ☀️ 

we always start with the workout! 

7am - Spinning 🚴 ….. A scenic guided ride around some favorite Vermont spots! 

8am - Total Body Blast 💥……. A mix of the best moves from workouts all week ….some may say the worst moves 😂

every weekend someone different for fresh energy & inspiration leaving us ready for the best weekend AND the week ahead and the next layer of programming in our 4, 8, or 12 week plan…..

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This is 47. 

My #feelgoodfriday is a whole lot of gratitude 🙏 for…….

💃 taking the path less traveled, listening to myself, not the crowd, not the expected, and simply stating what others think but do nothing about, taking action and changing what does not work. 

💃 being a warrior for my own health & wellbeing, physical & emotional. This means not just accepting Dr’s words as gospel. It means realizing how valuable all the journaling of nutrition, exercise, sleep is and knowing that “it is just aging and getting older” is just a reason not to take action. 

💃 never settling for good enough or beating myself up for mistakes and imperfection. Always improving and learning and soaking up as much of this life as possible. 

Why am I saying all this? Because women experiencing menopause or peri-menopause can have every aspect of their life turned upside down and not even realize why because it is talked about so little because lets be real when is it natural to bring it up in conversation?! 

All of the things that I celebrate today allow me to weather the change with confidence, energy, appreciation, stability, balance, wonder, and possibility. 

To anyone who needs to hear it, you are not crazy. Lean in and know there are countless ways to become or remain the best version of yourself during the change as long as you do not say, oh it is menopause, that is just part of the deal. 

Not feeling your best is a choice. Life is too short to make that choice. 

Get in touch if you want help! 

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As great as exercise is for us, so is rest and active rest or recovery. In our mission to serve all parts of healthy living whether fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, our studio closes for major holidays for a long weekend encouraging our clients to take an exercise break and be active in other ways outside in life.

This weekend that may include……
🪴 gardening
🏔 hiking 
🏊 water based activities
🧘‍♀️ unplugged weekend
🚙 roadtrip 
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💃🕺social events
🏕 camping or other time in nature
🎾 other sports like tennis, golf, or biking 🚴‍♀️ 

We reopen on Tuesday kicking off the 2nd half of 2022 programming reenergized, repaired and rested…..

Enjoy your weekend 🇺🇸 

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Life can feel like a real grind a good deal of the time if we let it. Work, home, kids, family, business, education rinse and repeat whatever the cycle is for you. No one will ever tell us to slow down or if we don't listen to those we do or tune into our body telling us to pull back and slow down life will just pass us by.This weekend, I invite you to take some time to step back, slow down, enjoy the sights and sounds of summer AND do less to accomplish more!

Feeling grateful for the extra time, space with no specific to do list for the next four days. Simultaneously, looking forward to see and feel the outcomes ………

Happy Weekend Friends! 🇺🇸 

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Sometimes, having no words is way better than thinking the answers and the commentary is simple. 

Hold the space, send the love. Some day we will know better and do better. For now take the time, be grateful, find your own way to do better, be better for yourself, your family, community etc. 

❤️‍🩹 🙏 

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Happy Monday ❤️ 🌺 

As long as we consistently act and put ourselves in the presence of work and individuals, habits and attitudes that promote outcomes we are seeking, failure and lack of time is not possible. 

Of course we must know precisely what we are seeking …….

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What does that mean for you? It is 100% worth figuring it out and navigating your way there. Now go, live well in body & mind! #lifebydesign #healthyliving #wellnessjourney #bodyessentialspt
another from the collection of lets  not take ourselves too seriously…..a legitimate form of being well in mind, body & energy. 

make it a fantastic Friday‼️ ☀️

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This is the best way to flow into the 2nd half of an absolutely gorgeous week……

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Energy is everything! 

Psychologically we can condition ourselves to 
to work hard and be energetic in theory. Here are a few other repeatedly well-documented ways to thrive energetically. 

☀️Vitamin D - Supplementation is critical for New Englanders. Do you know your number? Good for bones & your emotional spirit. 

🛌 Sleep - Quality & quantity. We may think we can be optimal on 5-6 hours but really….can we? Making sure your environment is set for sleep not work is critical. Lighting, temperature, peace, screen free. Power down 1-2 hours before sleep time. 

🥗 Food - That fuels not just fills. Nutrient dense in just the right amount and frequency that does not leave you stuffed and tired. 

👥 Relationships - Surround yourself with those who bring about the best in you. Laugh plenty. Hug & kiss your loved ones. 

✨Clarity & Purpose - Know yourself & your wants/needs, work purposefully & positively. Intention without action is just spinning your wheels will be exhausting over time. 

This just scratches the surface of energy drivers that crossover to our health improvement as a whole. 

Catching up on low energy is nearly impossible so stop borrowing from your future to serve your present…… 

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….work life balance is in the eye of the beholder…..

How do you “be~friend” yourself daily, weekly, monthly, annually? 

Do you like being in your own company? 

Are you ok being in silence with your own thoughts? 

Do you have hobbies that you engage in outside of life responsibilities? 

This is simply something to consider especially if you constantly feel like you have no time or space for just you. 

Remember that “you time” is not selfish. It makes us better spouses, parents, colleagues. 

I know that sometimes I can be doing around home like cleaning and it will feel like it is my time and quite fulfilling as it just me in silence but other times the last thing I want to do is anything that has to do with care of the home. And sometimes I like to exercise on my own in my own way with no one else and other times I want nothing to do with exercise. 

#wellnesswednesday can be a great day to take a break for you to do something or nothing at all but what you choose. 

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This is my goal each & every day……..

Not putting off life until “retirement” …… for so 

many reasons ……

On the other hand I will never create a life that I 

will not want a vacation from ……

If it is too easy, I am not working hard enough. If 

it is draining my well-being I am not working 

smart enough. 

We all deserve physical and mental well-being. It is within us but something that also has to be worked out by us and not delayed until the kids are grown or until we retire……..

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. How do you tend your health as a whole on a daily basis? 

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In an effort to not take oneself too seriously lets finish the month laughing and owning that sometimes a fake it till you make it mindset is a’ok. Adulting can be hard….

Have an amazing weekend 🥳🤣☀️

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what do you do each day to create the best version of yourself? 

do you even feel like know what the best version of you is? 

Our daily responsibilities blur our belief of being able to create our best self. 

Doing work I love 💕 is a part of my best self. 

Creating time & space for leisure pursuits and learning is another part ✨

Being a loving & supportive spouse is a priority 🥰

Maintaining physical & emotional health allows the other three to flow 🧘‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏋️

Adventure & fresh landscapes breathe fresh energy 🏔 

Everything else is noise and distraction ….

If you are not sure for yourself, take some quiet time to identify 1-2 things & work from there ….

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My belief is that the more positive I think, even in moments of adversity or days that just don’t feel great, the better the outcome I will have compared to if I had a bad attitude about anything in my day or life not working out as planned. 

This is a script that can be flipped at any moment but has to be continuously cultivated and practiced in order to create a more automatic response, in difficult times. If not practiced, it is easy to say that a positive outlook does not work. When practiced as a way of life, bad days are few and far between and there are always solutions to challenges of any kind. They may just take a while to get to but it is sure better than seeing the negative in every person or situation. 

Happiness & Resilience are as good for our health as exercise and nutrition. 

What is your day to day outlook? 



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the prettiest view for today………

Have a great day! 

☀️ 💐 

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How do you Monday? 

I am 110%. They are always packed full.

It takes some self-coaching to get pepped up but after that first hour of being up, I am all in! 

We can let others impact our Monday mindset but the bottom line is that it is only us that makes the choice of how we respond to what comes our way at any given point of any day‼️

Not perfect, no filters, but 100% me………

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Happy Friday. That is all. 🌺 #weekendvibes #easterweekend #tulips #restandrestore #fitnessfriday
just this for today, for this week, forever ….

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I know I am winning my week when my Friday 5:30am class energy matches or exceeds my Monday 5:30! It is all a matter or energy & mindset management. 

We work hard and deserve to not be depleted over the weekend in order enjoy our leisure time. 
Loving what we do for work or training ourselves to do. Constantly focusing on the challenge, busyness & rigor of our work lives depletes of us the joy of our life. 

We only get one trip…… do you live all of it to your fullest….work & leisure……loving most every moment…..

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THIS was such a great memory to have pop up on my phone this am! It was the last in person professional development event I attended. We certainly did not know that at the time. Thank goodness for virtual conferences the last two years! 

This #wellnesswednesday I am thankful for the various coaches & instructors I have had the opportunity to work with at the studio over the years & grateful for those still part of our community. It takes a village to maintain a vibrant community and in the fitness business, variety is part of keeping the body fresh & motivated to keep in improving! 

This Friday we kick off a new chapter with another new member of our spinning tribe! I have a feeling it is going to be a sweaty ride. 

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Whether to somewhere warm or to ski ⛷, it makes my heart ❤️ happy to see our members vacationing again! 

It gives me peace of mind that they can take us with them if they want to fit a couple workouts in with our on-demand option where you log in anytime to find workouts of all types, lengths and equipment ready to play! 

A life well lived is definitely knowing when to say when, rest or workout but also not having to sacrifice daily life if our work takes us in the road or if family duties call us away from home. We provide as much support to our community as needed. DM with questions or go to link in bio get started! 

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Somedays, pie for lunch is all you need. In honor of #maplemonday & Pi Day I whipped up this Maple Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie & every bite was exquisite! Now as a fitness & nutrition coach this is not my norm but we all deserve to treat ourselves well in health & indulgence.

I did not like the idea of corn syrup so out with that & in with more maple 🍁  syrup! AND substituted white sugar with date sugar that I made. Dates are lower on the glycemic index so there is a lesser chance of crashing. Dates make a great sugar substitute especially in darker foods as they do not change the color. Total, delicious success! 

Thanks to @lcchocolates for the recipe inspo! 😋

#piday #maplemonday #vermontmaple #maplesyrup #treatyourself
Monday….Spring forward covered in snow. All I can say is good thing the devices change themselves. 

I am just going to believe everything today is a magical miracle because it just feels like a great way to go thru this day…..

#mindfulmonday #springforward #thisvermontlife #believeinmagic #miraclesareeverywhere

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