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Can you believe that we’re talking about the holidays & the new year already?! I mean, I can. Honestly, I’m psyched. I have been waiting to watch Polar Express and Elf! The best time of year!

Today’s motivation is all about helping you find what healthy during the holidays looks like for you! Maybe you’re reading this and you’re like, yeah okay…. healthy during the holidays? That’s impossible! Yes I get you. BUT. After years of figuring out what “healthy” actually looks like to me, I’ve finally figured out that healthy during the holidays looks different for everyone, and I’m determined to help you find yours.

I’d like to say I’m a lover of all things health and wellness, with a side of Christmas cookies. Or rather, Dad’s mint pie (to die for!!!).

You're ready to hear all of the quick fixes and pro tips I have on how to lose weight fast before the Holiday's hit?

Okay here it goes...ready?? If you want to lose a quick 5lbs, workout like crazy, eat chicken and asparagus for every meal and completely restrict yourself. Yeah, sounds pretty miserable right?

I'm assuming you implement one of these two approaches people usually take with Thanksgiving and Christmas. One, you either have this "ALL IN" mentality. You eat and drink whatever you want, keep telling yourself it's the Holiday's and you'll start after New Years. You pack on the pounds and immediately following NYE you regret everything. OR you go into total restriction mode, fearing food or eating a damn carbohydrate, you go extra hard in the gym, track every morsel of food and ultimately dread attending Holiday parties because all you're thinking about are the calories you're consuming.

IT DOESN’T NEED TO BE THIS WAY! You can achieve balance with fitness and living your life. So for once, ditch your one sided mentality and try a different approach to get through the holiday season!

Here are a few tips:

1. Keep moving (try a holiday 5k with family, or bring a friend to the gym to keep you motivated)
2. Watch your portions (try grabbing a smaller plate. A full-smaller plate gives you the illusion that you're eating more food)
3. Lots of water (a glass when you wake up, & a glass before each meal)
4. More protein (whatever you put on your plate, make sure there is some protein! Protein will make you feel fuller for longer…perhaps room for only 1 dessert… no seconds!)

Most importantly, ENJOY yourself & the time spent with family and loved ones. Not only is this time of year stressful and busy, it is also cold and flu season! Make sure to continue eating healthy, working out regularly and hydrating with water throughout all of those holiday parties on your schedule. It is okay to indulge a little (within moderation, of course) to enjoy this time of year, but your body will support you better if you replenish it with what it truly needs to run at its best.

Happy Holidays!

In her own words: Marietta reflecting on her first month of refocusing her energy & goals.

After week one of getting restarted on my workouts and goals I was down and out with bronchitis and pneumonia. I thankfully caught the possible severity of it early enough to get on the right medication and got better within a week instead of being sick for months at the start of the year. Now, one month in to this experience, I feel great!

Over the past month I have been working on my nutrition and learning that some of my choices, although not terrible, could improve by making some substitutions to help reduce added sugar and other additives in addition to reducing fat. As a result I am eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and reading ingredients on other food that I shop for to make more mindful and educated choices around starchy carbohydrate items and other foods to understand and assure that I am selecting the "cleanest," most whole food possible. After two weeks of this I feel more satisfied with the five meals per day that I eat.

Exercise wise, I am back to five days per week at the studio including classes and my semi-private training sessions, including a three hour block on Thursday that includes a 60 minute training session, followed by 45 min of yoga and completed with 45 min of Spinning.  I walk on the weekends in addition to Saturday morning classes when I do not have another weekend obligation. Getting out into the fresh air and nature helps my body but also my soul.

Personally, I have had trials with my mom and her heath and trying to take care of her and myself and family all at the same time can at times be difficult but at this time I would not want it any other way but it is a real juggling act some days and weeks.

Coaches Note: Marietta has had a challenging year which is why we have taken steps to help her regain her energy and desire to persist to her goals. She is losing 1-1.5 lbs per week including thru illness, down a total of 4 pounds as of 3 weeks into this process. She is energized and performing better than ever just like when she first started with us in 2018. We are looking forward to watching her progress as we hone in on some nutrition work as her exercise is always strong. Tweaking some aspects of her nutrition will keep her energy high and hopefully help keep additional illnesses at bay, improving her A1C numbers to reduce reliance on diabetes medication and keep the weight melting off her!


My health and fitness journey exploded my freshman year of college. I retained the information and education in high school, but dove much deeper and developed a passion for my overall wellness in college. "A new year, a new me" kind of vibe- a fresh start as a “nobody” in college. A clean plate with no one to know my story, but I am here to share it today.
My story started, or ended, with a breakup. I would ask myself why not me? What does she have that I don't? Am I not pretty enough? Not skinny enough? What am I missing?
I started excessively working out, missing meals, and over analyzing my life. Overthinking is a killer, literally. I'd drop 5lbs, obsess with the scale, and cycle through all of this.
But what was "this"?
This wasn't healthy. This wasn't self-love. This wasn't Meg.
I know you may think this is stereotypical for a young female to go through “this” as they grow and maneuver through life, but it is so real, and let me tell you, it is hard.
“This” was lack of holding myself accountable for creating my OWN life. My own HAPPY, HEALTHY life. My one shot at living a beautiful life. I was the only person standing in the way of my goals. Deep down I knew this was an issue, but I didn’t feel it was time to fight against myself and my thoughts yet.
Halfway through my freshman year of college, I attended a school-wide presentation. This presentation was mandatory for freshmen, however I had good intentions of learning something from it.
At the end of the presentation, the presenter asked several people to come up on stage. He then proceeded to have the individuals tell him what their goal is in life; what they want to be.
“I want to be a doctor.”
“I want to be a physical therapist.”
“I want to be a nurse.”
Now you might think to yourself, these are awesome aspirations and goals, so what’s the point of this?
The presenter then continued… “Do you see something wrong with this?”
A bit puzzled, we sat there waiting for his next response.
“You will not reach your goals if you continue to want them to be achieved. You need to DO something about it. I’ll give you another chance to tell me your goal.”
“I want to be a doctor after college” the individual said, trying to be more specific.
The presenter chimed in sternly and said “you WILL be a doctor”.
We all want something in life. It seems like everyone wants to rich. Someone wants to be loved. Someone down the street wants to be famous. We live in a world of wants. When we start our goals with “I will”, we declare our commitment to our goals and ambitions. It is no longer an intent we are expressing – it is a promise. A promise to do whatever it takes to get to where we want to be.
Back to “this”.
What would I have to do to get to where I wanted to be? What will I be?
Strong. Passionate. Brave. Courageous. Happy. Healthy. Inspiring. Meg.
I realized I was doing everything wrong. I would tell myself that I wanted to be happy, I wanted to be fit, but I wasn’t doing the right thing. I wasn’t doing anything beneficial for my body.
Something needed to change.
I started writing daily affirmations;
I will fuel my body today the way it deserves.
I will be a light in someones day.
I will make myself a priority.
I will be happy, and I will be Meg.
The power of “I will” and manifesting your affirmations changes your life. This decision of changing one word helped shape me who I am today.
I am strong. I am passionate. I am brave. I am courageous. I am happy. I am healthy. I am inspiring. I am Meg.

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