Over coffee with a friend who I had not seen in five years, we laughed at how, when we were younger, we thought there was no way our elders could possibly be wiser than us. However, now, we both agreed if there was any wisdom we could impart upon today's youth and wish that they would 100% take it to heart, it would be to trust the wisdom of your parents, grandparents, teachers and mentors. It is one way we can save time and not recreate the wheel, to trust wise counsel from those more seasoned because THEY ARE RIGHT!!!

If you ever read anything about health, wellness, and fitness you may draw three conclusions:

~Coffee, wine, and eggs are good for us one week & bad for us another

~Exercise, exclusively, is the only thing we need to be healthy & fit

~Meditation, affirmations, visualization, journal writing, sleep, being in nature, and managing stress cannot possibly benefit our health as much as is documented

Based on learning over the past 20+ years, continuously reading casually and five years of consistent practice I can tell you that my health and fitness levels are significantly better because I dedicate daily & weekly time to meditation, affirmations, writing, fresh air in nature, and utilizing various methods to manage whatever stress comes my way at anytime in addition to my decades of exercise and nutrition practice.

There is no doubt that exercise and movement have to be part of our daily routine. Even when we have a pain point, movement is still encouraged at a level that is manageable! Food is a form of medicine but can be complicated and taken to negative extremes.

Stress, cumulative stress, that goes unacknowledged or misunderstood can be detrimental to our overall health and hold significant consequences unless we implement new, frequent and cumulative action steps to decrease the amount of stress we carry around.

In addition to the above mentioned, these additional things are great habits to build a fit and healthy life:

~Breathing Practice: Awareness of our breath and practicing slow, steady breathing keeps us in our parasympathetic nervous system, which is one of rest and relax. This can be done regularly thru the day for a minute at a time.

~Yoga: Not only is yoga a great way to build a fitter and more mobile body, it is a top notch way to slow down and sink breath to movement, quieting the mind and providing you active "you" time. It checks a lot of boxes!

~Mindset: You are what you think. You become who you spend your time with. Pick good ones! Truly, we become automatically programmed to think negatively if that is the type of messaging we receive and believe regularly. It is critical we positively program ourselves with our thoughts, actions and relationships. That positivity multiplies just the way perceived busyness and negativity multiplies. Which one sounds more pleasant?

Ultimately, my health is great because I practice consistency and moderation & continued learning. Consistency with all the proven practices that keep my mind and body fresh, strong and energetic no matter the day or topic. Moderation in things, particularly food and drink that are tasty but do not necessarily fuel my health. Learning what is best for my health at each season of myself and what the most evidence based practices are to be proactive in managing my own health and educating clients on the leading and proven practices.

I want to help YOU improve your health & fitness!

Psychologically we can condition ourselves to work hard and be energetic, in theory. Authentically it is a process of knowing our priorities and how are daily behaviors level up to match our priorities or not Here are a few other well-documented ways to thrive energetically. 

☀️Vitamin D - Supplementation is critical for New Englanders. Do you know your number? Good for bones & your emotional spirit. 

🛌 Sleep - Quality & quantity. We may think we can be optimal on 5-6 hours but really….can we? Making sure your environment is set for sleep not work is critical. Lighting, temperature, peace, screen free. Power down 1-2 hours before sleep time. 

🥗 Food - That fuels not just fills. Nutrient dense in just the right amount and frequency that does not leave you stuffed and tired. 

👥 Relationships - Surround yourself with those who bring about the best in you. Laugh plenty. Hug & kiss your loved ones. 

✨Clarity & Purpose - Know yourself & your wants/needs, work purposefully & positively. Intention without action is just spinning your wheels will be exhausting over time. 

This just scratches the surface of energy drivers that crossover to our health improvement as a whole. 

Catching up on low energy is nearly impossible so stop borrowing from your future to serve your present. Take 5-15 minutes to make a list of your priorities and then another list of the habits you currently have that are supporting your priority or preventing your priorities to be met. Adjust, proceed, repeat this process by the hour, by the day by the week etc. until you have the energy and results you desire in every aspect of your life!

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On Friday May 20th we will be hosting our first full fledged seasonal women's wellness retreat after hosting various smaller retreats virtually and in person since 2020. We will be gathering at the Killington Grand Hotel & Resort from 8am -4:30pm for a day full of learning, applying strategies, listening to experts and hearing stories of health and fitness from all seasons of life all with an outcome of helping you flourish in your own health and wellness by the end of the day. This will truly be a deep dive beyond our usual fitness workouts & nutrition study but will also include discussion and consideration of both these topics.

Here is the schedule at a glance.......

8am: Settle In & Continental Breakfast

8:30: Welcoming & Morning SAVERS

9am: The Female Body - Resilience & Strength. Focus Anatomy

10:30: Chair Yoga Session

11:15: The Female Body Continued - Resilience & Strength. Focus Hormones

12:15pm: Buffet Lunch

1:15: Women's Wellness - Seasons of Life Focus Complementary Health & Self-Care

2:15: Writing Your Health & Wellness Prescription: Exercise/Nutrition/Mind-Body-Spirit

3:30: Every Woman Has a Story Health & Wellness Panel

4:15: Final Remarks & Celebration

I look forward to sharing this day with you & all the benefits & goodness you will receive from making this time for yourself & exploring your wellness from the inside out and outside in.

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If you have any questions please contact me at christie@bodyessentialspt.com / 802-345-9644

See you soon!

Christie Garofano

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