For many people, physical activity isn’t something that comes as a part of a normal daily routine. Especially if you work a job that requires sitting at a desk for significant portions of the day, you may have trouble getting the exercise that you need to stay healthy. Therefore, you might consider adding a daily workout to your routine. Doing so can have numerous perks for your health. Continue reading for a look at the benefits of daily exercise and some tips for designing a routine that you can stick to. 

Immediate Benefits of Daily Exercise

You’ve probably heard of a runner’s high before—maybe this is even a sensation you’ve experienced. But feeling good because of exercise isn’t exclusive to runners. Your body needs to move to stay healthy, so it rewards physical activity with the release of brain chemicals that improve your mood, help you sleep, and help your mind feel sharper. In addition to feeling good right after you work out, you’ll notice an immediate effect of reduced blood pressure. Over time, daily exercise will have even more benefits. 

Long-Term Benefits of Regular Exercise

Longer-term benefits of exercise can be achieved without working out every single day. If you get moving on most days, you’ll notice far reaching positive effects on your health. Perhaps the most important benefit is for your heart—regular exercise strengthens your heart and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. It also lowers the risk of at least 13 different types of cancer.  

Thanks to benefits like improved coordination, stronger bones, easier weight maintenance, and better balance, daily physical activity also helps reduce your risk of fall-related injuries as an older adult. Furthermore, studies have linked daily exercise with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s, depression, and other conditions that can impact your brain health. In addition, there’s a growing body of research that suggests a link between exercise and improved immune function. Given this data, it’s safe to assume that your fitness routine may pay off in ways you don’t yet even realize. 

What are the best exercises to do every day?

Because muscles need time to rest and repair after a hard workout, you might wonder if it’s okay to work out every day. In most cases, it’s safe and deeply beneficial to exercise every day or on most days of the week. The best way to work out daily is by varying your routine to give different muscle groups a break and prevent yourself from getting bored. Utilizing group fitness classes or on-demand training is a great way to keep your work out varied and dynamic. You can also select classes based on your target muscle group. 

Ideally, you’ll include endurance exercises, such as moderate to intense cardiovascular workouts, as well as strength and flexibility exercises like weightlifting or yoga. 

How long should your daily workout be?

The CDC recommends getting about 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily (moderate meaning that you’re having to put in a strong effort, but you’re not giving 100% throughout your workout). Even better, you can shoot for about half of that time to be comprised of intense physical activity. You can, of course, work out for longer sessions each day, but simply increasing the intensity of your workout may have better results. It’s better for your fitness to do a short workout each day than a long workout occasionally. So, even if you can only put in 5-10 minutes, it’ll be much better than no workout at all. 

What are some stretching exercises to do every day?  

If you’re feeling tired or sore, incorporating stretching into your exercise routine can help. Even in the absence of soreness, dynamic stretching before a workout and as part of your cooldown helps reduce your risk of orthopedic injuries and improves circulation. Taking a Mind-Body group fitness class can introduce you to some gentle stretches to move your body, relax the muscles, and connect your movement to your breath. 

How can you improve your motivation to work out daily?

Despite the numerous benefits of daily exercise, it may still be challenging to take that first step and start a new fitness routine. Alternatively, maybe you find yourself regularly starting up and burning out with the same set of exercises. Working with a personal trainer can help you overcome these hurdles. A trainer can offer accountability to help you stick with your workout in addition to offering new and exciting ways to get moving. Even more importantly, a personal trainer can ensure that you’re going at the right pace for your current fitness level and utilizing the right form in your workouts. This means that you’re less likely to get sidelined by an injury that prevents you from reaching your goals. 
Find fun and welcoming fitness classes along with online personal training at Body Essentials. We offer a variety of virtual programming to help you get fit and stay fit on any schedule. In addition to great workouts, we offer ongoing support and motivation to keep you focused on your self-improvement goals.

This week last year at Body Essentials (BE), we wondered what would become of working out in person! We spaced people out on bikes in Spinning class, altered our training sessions and other classes for more space and less equipment and fully disinfected each piece of equipment before putting away after every single workout each day. We even prepared for possible zoom or face-time workouts. Who knew we would be HERE now 1 year later!

The studio was ordered to close down on Saturday March 20, 2020 within an hour of having closed for the weekend after the morning classes! I was on my way to the studio to workout and clean when I heard the news from Vermont Gov. Phil Scott, while listening to public radio I quickly alerted all of our members and invited them to come and borrow equipment so we could workout together online while we waited out the pandemic. Little did any of us know at that time, we would never move that equipment back in because the pandemic kept dragging on but also because we enjoyed the convenience and ease of working out online! Less than 24 hours after closing our doors we all gathered for our first online workout, Mindful Movement. We needed that  quiet stretch that day and to figure out the Zoom setup. NONE OF US knew what we were doing, we just gave it our best shot and have never looked back.

On Business.......

Over the last year we have mirrored what we did in person online thru zoom, maintaining the same group fitness schedule and training schedule, we simply increased the size of our semi-private groups from 2-3 to now 4-5. Jumping so quickly into Zoom was not only a matter of survival but a means of community and service and connection during a period of time that was 100% uncharted territory for all of us. It would have been easy to be all doom and gloom about how bad virtual training was and that is what the outcome would have been but my mindset is that anything is possible and awesome if you engineer it that way and that was what we did. 5:30am online workouts all of sudden offered us more sleep because we did not have to commute. All that equipment we bought in years past, thinking we could workout at home on our own, all of a sudden came in handy and driving to the gym after work and not getting home until 7pm to still have to make dinner no longer happened. We engineered a schedule and system that increased the wellbeing for all of our clients.

By June when there was still a lot of unknown about COVID, but the slow down of life felt good as a human being I took another leap of faith and decided our studio would go permanently online maintaining our zoom virtual space indefinitely. Turns out it has been a great decision. Although I was still paying expenses on a physical location and then started remodeling an in home studio, I was by no means saving money but was very fortunate for the space at home to create a professional appearance. Our members did the same thing, leaning in to creating a permanent studio space or nook in their home and it has been so much fun to see how at home workout spaces have evolved!

There are so many highlights of creating a virtual studio from a business owner perspective. Being my own landlord is probably my favorite. It has allowed less headaches and 110% more creativity in programming and enhancing our mission beyond simply fitness. This time has allowed for reaching our greatest potential in nutrition and lifestyle programming especially as we have started 2021!

On Life.........

As March of 2020 turned to April and it became clear I needed to get comfortable at home finding a balance of running a business in the space that was also my place of respite. What I knew for sure and said out loud to my beloved husband, Tom was that this pandemic was (thankfully and optimistically) going to be a once in a lifetime OPPORTUNITY to shed what was not working in any aspect of life and make time for the things that I was seeking in all aspects of life. For me this meant slowing the hell down and figuring out how to create a healthier flow to work and life including getting more sleep, adding in more leisure time activities, working less on the weekends to just scratch the surface. Whether it is noticeable to any one else I have been able to accomplish more than I thought possible. I will not bore you with the details. What I know for sure is that we become conditioned to working far too much, sleeping far too little and letting trivial details clutter our head space when in reality and when willing we can cut all of it back to a healthier (literally healthier, like prevent risk factors for disease level) levels and accomplish more, doing less. Life is short, we must play hard and not wait until retirement to do all the things "we don't have time for" while we are working professionals.

On Fitness & WellBeing......

I consider myself a warrior of health because I wholeheartedly believe that only I am in responsible for my level of fitness and wellbeing, physically and mentally. In 2019 I made the switch to a Naturopathic Dr as opposed to a general physician. What a difference a Dr makes, focusing on health and not working from a place of illness. It even inspires me to want to do better. As such, this year I have increased my meditation time to 30 minutes per day because it truly helps me slow down my pace physically and mentally and be more fully present in everything I do in a given day. I have also spent the first part of the year cleaning up my nutrition which I can guarantee was not that "filthy" to begin with but was not as great in 2020. So that means now I practice 95% of my weekly nutrition being gluten, dairy, alcohol and added sugar free. The 5% means that I may have a beer per week or a toasted english muffin, or something else that would seem healthy to the average person.

Nutrition & exercise will always be the greatest form of medicine to me. I have never had so much clarity and energy and so little inflammation in my body as I have in the last month especially since upping my nutrition game and walking away from work when feeling frenetic, getting out in nature when feeling suffocated by working and living under one roof, and getting 8+ hours of sound sleep. There is no prescription medication that can make you feel as good as getting your lifestyle in order.

Perhaps some of this sounds preachy but I take the work that we do at BE very seriously and practice what I preach 100% but am on the journey just as much as our members are. Doom and gloom gets me no where and it is astounding to me that it took a global pandemic to create enough space to fully embrace the business and life of my dreams.

If you are skeptical about virtual fitness, I invite you to schedule a time to meet with me to find out how we are breaking all the rules about what it means to workout virtually. I say with confidence that we provide more extensive support, accountability, structure, programming and inspiration virtually than any in person gym in our local area does and beyond our local area. This post only scratches the story of the progress we as a collective community have made! Schedule a consultation on our website at

Cheers to a brilliant 2021 & surviving OR thriving thru a global pandemic!



Do you tend to stay motivated when you have peers encouraging your progress and offering a little friendly competition? If so, you may be a great fit for semi-private training! Body Essentials provides semi-private group training in a virtual setting to create an affordable training option that can be adapted to any schedule. This is a more attentive program than on-demand training but offers more flexibility than traditional one-on-one training. Continue reading for a closer look at semi-private personal training. 

A Group Dynamic Featuring Focused Attention from a Trainer 

Your semi-private training will take place in small groups of 2-5 members with a dedicated trainer instructor. These weekly sessions are 60-minutes long, and they’ll be designed around both individual and group goals. Semi-private training groups are organized based on common goals and fitness levels, so you’ll get the individualized attention you need. You’ll also have a great support network built into your personal training program. By following this program headed by a certified personal trainer, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

Is Semi-Private Training Right for You?

Good candidates for semi-private training are those who may want to ramp up their fitness but aren’t quite sure how to start. Alternatively, you may desire to work with a personal trainer but just don’t have the budget for one-on-one training. Semi-private personal training is a great solution that’s affordable and flexible for a variety of different schedules. If any of the following statements resonate with you, semi-private training may be a great fit. 

Semi-private training can eliminate many of the hurdles and excuses that may stand in the way of your fitness goals. With a lower cost than other training options, it’s easier to find room in the budget for this training program. In addition, you’ll have flexibility with scheduling your group sessions and participating in fitness classes. Plus, you’ll never get bored because there is such a wide range of classes to explore. And your trainer will be there along every step of your journey, helping you find new ways to challenge yourself and continue seeing results. 

Getting Started: How to Do Semi-Private Group Training 

To get started with semi-private personal training, Body Essentials will connect you with one of our certified personal trainers for a consultation. We’ll recommend a training group that fits into your fitness goals and your schedule. Then, you’ll check in with your trainer in weekly group sessions and get unique recommendations for your daily workout routine and continuing progress. 

In addition to personalized attention from your coach, you’ll have access to group fitness classes. Like your semi-private training sessions, these are led by certified trainers and cater to a wide range of fitness goals. Group classes include Spinning ™, circuit training, TRX, mind-body fitness, and total body blast. Many of these workouts require little or no equipment. So, you’ll have no trouble doing them right at home. Your trainer will guide you to the right classes and workouts for your body type, goals, and current fitness level. 

Continue Challenging Yourself and Meeting Your Goals

Just like working one-on-one with a trainer, semi-private training holds you accountable for your fitness goals and ensures that you’re safely challenging yourself with new activities. Because everybody’s physiology is unique and there’s always a potential risk of injuries with any exercise routine, working with a trainer is advisable at all fitness levels. 

Discover the benefits of semi-private group training for yourself with Body Essentials. Our personal training programs are 100% virtual, so you can participate in healthy exercise with us anywhere on any schedule. Contact us today to start working toward your fitness goals. 

Self-Care defined is the "active practice of protecting one's own well-being & happiness in general and during times of stress."

In our most recent healthy living workshop we discussed the topic of self-care and also skin care as we creep away from winter and plan for spring.

Here are some thoughts on both topics.....

Categories of self-care that are beyond exercise and nutrition, which we are active in day in and day out with our members.

Skin Care as Self-Care: Good skin care is good health care emotionally & physically, allowing us to age gracefully. Here are the steps our member presenter and 13 year Mary Kay Consultant Lisa Miglorie shared with us to practice regularly:

  1. WASH daily in the morning & evening
  2. Moisturize with SPF on face & neck using an out & up fashion to avoid pulling skin down. Apply eye cream with ring finger as it is the finger with lightest touch.
  3. Exfoliate (Wednesdays & Weekends)
  4. Supplement (Facial Mask)

What are some areas in self-care & skin area that you are doing well with and what are some areas you can improve upon?

Starting Monday March 8th, we will be launching our newest live online group training option, Adult Fitness Training. This program is perfect for adults who have not recently or ever engaged in a structured exercise program led by a certified fitness and health coach. Sessions will occur on a rolling basis on Monday & Thursday from 1:15pm-2:15pm and include all of the following:

As a result all participants will experience improvements in:

-increased strength

-decreased pain

-increased confidence

-increased endurance

-increased energy name just a few

The cost is $97 per month.

To register, learn more or set up a consultation, contact Christie @ / 802-345-9644.

Enrollment is ongoing and a waiting list will be utilized as needed.

Walking and running are popular exercises for good reasons. They don’t require any equipment beyond a pair of shoes and your feet. You can do both activities virtually anywhere, and they both have long track records of success when it comes to fitness. A persistent question about these exercises remains: Is it better to walk or run? When it comes to walking vs. running, you’ll need to consider a few factors. Here is what you need to know. 

Injury Risk
It is a well-documented fact that runners are prone to injuries. This is because running causes your legs and feet to absorb the pressure of about two-and-a-half times your body weight with each step. Runners often experience plantar fasciitis, hairline fractures, and knee injuries. However, many of these injuries are avoidable with a more gradual introduction to running. You’ll also want to maintain cross training routine—it’s a common misconception that running builds strength in the legs. In fact you need to focus specifically on strength training to gain muscle in the lower body. 

Walking, on the other hand, rarely leads to injuries. Walking is easy on the joints, and even at long distances does not pose the same orthopedic risks as running. However, you can ease from walking into a running routine with the following 3 tips to ensure your safety. 

  1. Start slowly by integrating short spurts of running into your walks. 
  2. Do not run every day. Give yourself time to rest and use non-running days building strength with weight training and other muscle toning exercises. 
  3. Avoid overexertion by checking your intensity level. If you cannot talk conversationally while running, you should slow down or switch to walking at a quick pace. You’ll build more stamina through time and find yourself better able to run longer, faster with this gradual approach. 

Fat Loss Benefits
Running and walking are both aerobic exercises, and both burn calories. You burn calories faster by running but walking also offers fat burning outcomes. If you’re motivated by fast results, you’re likely to see them more quickly through running. But if you love to walk yet can’t seem to get into running, walking will still help you burn fat effectively. 

Health Benefits
Running and walking both improve cardiovascular health, boost flexibility, and may even help to reduce depression and anxiety. Generally, about 15 minutes of walking provides similar health benefits to five minutes of running. However, both activities offer the benefit of getting outside, which can work wonders for your mental health in addition to your physical health. In addition, walking may have longer-term benefits for many people because it’s easier to stick with over time than running. 

Let Body Essentials help you find a well-rounded exercise regimen that works for you, including aerobic activity and strength building. Get on the path to weight loss and fitness by scheduling a free consultation today.

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