Lisa’s Update….Successes & Challenges…….

Posted on: July 14, 2019
By: Christie Garofano

After two months of working more consistently on myself I am at a point where I feel more motivated because I am feeling stronger, seeing results and hearing from others that they see the results. I have had some victories on the scale and some non-scale victories including my clothes fitting better and having more energy.

One thing that has really helped is remembering that I had once been told that it takes 30 days to make something a habit. I have been maintaining a more consistent exercise schedule for 30 days now and it definitely has become more of a habit now. I am adding some outside walks at Pico into my routine and have really enjoyed that and my dog Gertie appreciates the exercise as well.

Another thing I think is instrumental in being successful is to share with friends and family that I am working toward this goal. They give me continuous encouragement and help with accountability as do my friends at the studio and colleagues at Bayada.

I have been struggling with the nutrition end of things. I have mostly good days but those bad days creep in. I have tried to hold myself accountable and have just begun being more diligent with my food log. I have started using a log that gives me an opportunity to reflect on my week and adjust as needed. I haven’t been consistent enough to say how it works but it is my goal to make this my new habit.

A habit I am having trouble breaking is weighing in daily. I find it sets the tone for my day. If there is a gain no matter how small or no loss it is discouraging.

Thanks to all who are encouraging me along the way.

Coaches Note: Lisa starts month 3 this week and we know she will continue to make great progress and improve on her challenges including her food log and increase in journal writing to help her understand and get clarity on her challenges in addition to her mindset around weighing in. Keep up the great work Lisa!

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