Semi-Private Training Program

BE Semi-Private Training is a cost-effective training option that offers flexible scheduling. Even better, it leads to strong support systems, community building, friendly competition, and motivation amongst group members.
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What’s included with semi-private fitness training?

Semi-private group training is an agile virtual personal training option. This program can help you stay motivated on your fitness journey and see consistent results. By blending group fitness classes and guided small group sessions, semi-private training can provide personalized attention from a dedicated coach as well as broad flexibility to fit your schedule. If you enjoy a social component to your fitness routine, you’ll be right at home in our semi-private group sessions.
Working with a personal trainer offers numerous benefits for your fitness journey. However, it may be difficult to incorporate private training into your schedule and budget. Semi-private fitness training offers a great solution without compromising the personalized attention you’ll need to continue safely challenging yourself in your individual and group workouts.
60-Minute Small Group Sessions
BE Semi-Private sessions are 60 minutes in length, so you’ll have plenty of time to work closely with your coach via Zoom in a small group with common fitness goals.
Personalized Coaching in a Small Group Setting
Trainers work with 2-5 group members at a time, allowing plenty of room for dedicated attention to your goals. You’ll also find great support from fellow group members—along with some friendly competition to keep you motivated.
Unlimited Access to Group Fitness
Your semi-private sessions will be supplemented with BE Group Fitness classes to help you keep moving. These classes are offered on a thoughtfully designed weekly schedule with a variety of workouts available throughout the day on Monday-Saturday.

What are the benefits of semi-private personal training?

Semi-private training blends the support of a small group setting with the structure and accountability of private personal training. You’ll still work with a coach who can consistently assess your progress and modify your training program as needed. Plus, you’ll have access to BE Group Fitness, which will provide fun and upbeat group workouts on a flexible schedule.
If you’re hesitant to commit to personal training, semi-private group fitness is a dynamic option that can fit into almost any schedule. You can shift between groups as your schedule and physical needs change. As a result, you can always get the attention and motivation that you need.

Enjoy unlimited access to weekly group classes

Go further in your fitness goals with group fitness classes for all levels. Browse by class type, start times, or your personal fitness motivation.

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Whether you prefer to workout in a larger group or even private 1-on-1 training, we have a program for you.


BE Group Fitness

Group classes offer a dynamic setting to enjoy workouts that will challenge you at any fitness level.
BE On Demand Training


BE On Demand Training

BE On-Demand

Access pre-recorded training sessions with complete freedom to fit your schedule. On-demand personal training is our most flexible program and includes a wide variety of workouts to help you reach your goals.

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