Julie C.

Before I started working out with Christie at Body Essentials, I had slacked off my usual exercise regimen. My former gym closed and I was working long hours with little time to exercise. One day after weeding my flower gardens I could barely move and I knew I had to do something to get back […]

Laurie L.

After decades of no physical activity whatsoever, I realized I needed help. I had difficulty getting out of a chair, had pains in my hips if I sat too long and my largest paints were now too tight. Not being one to ever go to a gym, I realized I needed to do something before […]

Andrea M.

Since I have been working out at and participating in various types of classes at Body Essentials, I have more strength and energy to do other things like yard work, bike riding, and walking. I really appreciate the design of the workouts and the focus on my individual need like improving my balance.”

Susan D.

When I began working out at Christie’s I felt I was fit. I didn’t realize how “fit” I could be. I have been challenged and realized I can do anything a 20 year old can do. And I have several years on them!!! Just ask me now how I feel about myself. I would highly […]

Joyce C.

People connect with personal trainers for different reasons/goals. Earlier in my life, my goals would have been focused on “looking good” by having tight abs and burning off excess weight. Now, in my life, due to a diagnosed health condition, my goal is on maintaining core strength and physical flexibility to reduce chances of progression […]

Meg G.

I started my workout journey with Body Essentials about a year and a half ago. And to be honest I questioned whether this was going to be yet another failed attempt at getting into shape. As soon as I started, I realized I made the right choice in choosing Christie. I was looking for a […]

The Irreverent 3 (Ros/Maria/Marleen)

A renewed commitment to self, weight loss, improvements in strength, balance, and tone are all part of the Body Essentials experience. We appreciate the knowledge, professionalism and competence of the coaches and training philosophies in place including addressing pain points and limitations and providing modifications as needed for the benefit of each client. The holistic […]

Marleen C.

In January I decided to take charge of my health and well-being. I needed to sign up for an exercise program and restart my healthy eating. I found Body Essentials on Facebook and they were offering both a fitness and healthy eating program for 8 weeks. Some of my friends were engaged in Body Essentials […]

Stacy L.

14 months ago I was in a car accident that took away most of the “active” parts of my life. My physical therapist recommended I call Body Essentials and meet with Christie – best recommendation EVER! In the past my activity had been life, not an official workout or class with a trainer. After missing […]

Lisa N.

Training at Body Essentials helps me feel accomplished. I have been coming to Body Essentials for almost a year. I can’t imagine doing a wellness program without them. I always feel supported. Even during the times when I lost some motivation I felt like they made it a priority to help me get back on […]

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