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BE Flourishing

To flourish is to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.Flourishing is about collaborating with clients to create an actionable, healthy & inspired life beyond fitness alone.
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Facebook Group
Private Facebook group for daily motivation & inspiration and a forum for discussion & sharing.
Bi-Monthly nutrition
Fine tune the habits that challenge you around food with our focused 21 day programs.
Seasonal retreats
Take a personal deep dive in order to amplify the best parts of you.
Adherence assessment
Evaluate the level of consciousness and action-orientated strategies to work through challenges.

Positively improve life outside of exercise

The ongoing chapter of the journey that we interconnect to exercise and nutrition is our daily lifestyle.
Areas such as work and life balance, confidence, mindset, time management, stress and quality of sleep more often than not take us away from our regular exercise routine.
To help keep our members on track, we continuously check-in on these areas and provide strategies to help them stay the course and positively improve life outside of exercise. We often know what we should do to take care of ourselves, but having it confirmed by someone else can be just what we need to take action. Health and personal coaching is also available as a separate or stand alone service. Working with a coach helps smooth of the rough edges of our health and life to break through to the best version of you possible.
BE Flourishing

Assess your readiness for change today!

Evaluate your WHY to assess your readiness for change thru our integrated program model to improve your entire life!
Evaluate my WHY now!

Determine what areas are regular barriers to your success

Commitment to Others

When you make the time to take care of yourself, you will be better prepared to take care of others whether that means your family or being a good colleague. Moreover you will be more efficient and effective.

Vision & Motivation

Clarity in your workout goals and in life helps us persist with almost anything. Working with and not against your motivators will strengthen your persistence and move you closer to your goals.

Health Conditions

Pain points, fatigue, medication side-effects and general malaise will prevent you from any desire to exercise regularly. Starting small and feeling some quick benefits from exercise will help you continue forward and hopefully lessen the severity of chronic health condition.


A deficiency based mindset will never promote long term success. Believing there is not enough time, exercise is too hard or does not work will prevent taking action that can help improve even your mindset.

Stress Management

Coping strategies for daily stress and unexpected events create resilience and resilience will prevent your healthy habits from getting off track.

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