Meet Tami. Almost as soon as she started working with us, the pandemic began and we went digital. She never threw in the towel and has been making progress ever since and expanding her practice far beyond just exercise! she has not only been making progress herself but also inspiring me with her self-selected exercise of writing down all the things she was grateful for in 2020 despite everything the pandemic took away!
If you need a little inspiration for this year take part in that exercise of physically writing down with a pen or pencil everything you have to be grateful for in 2020 because 2021 will be even better!
It is important to note that Tami was finally taking time for herself by committing to this journey after letting her health suffer for years overworking for everyone instead of herself including at her job (she is retired now) and as a caregiver for her mom prior to her passing. Sound familiar? We all struggle with these characteristics of serving others before ourselves.
Some of Tami’s Highlighted Accomplishments & Advice to Others…
-She stuck with exercise & additional amazing health & lifestyle changes throughout 2020 despite being a self-proclaimed workout drop out the rest of her life. We are thankful that her daughter directed her to us knowing a traditional gym would not work well for her
-She has been able to decrease the amount of medication she was on from 15 to 6 including getting off insulin to treat her Type 2 diabetes. Dropped some pounds and changed the overall feel of her body.
-Walks at least 40 min per day outside and 2-3 strength training workouts per week, increasing how much she can complete confidently and comfortably over time on her own. She loves working out at home, just going to her own space and getting it done!
-Improved the quality and longevity of her sleep by improving her overall evening routine and now working on making her start of the day as strong as the end 

Tami recommends letting go of past failures and take responsibility for your future health. Don’t waste time focusing on where you used to be or how hard it was getting started. Just focus forward on a fresher, fitter and overall healthy you. She wants everyone to realize that your journey does not have to look like anyone else’s. Only compare yourself to the old you and the new you that you are becoming on your journey. She believes that being fit and healthy will always be a moving target. The first step is always the most difficult and she encourages everyone to make yourself your strongest why and just keep pushing thru at every difficult moment!

Tami loves working out from home and not having to make a commute. She highly recommends that dedicating a space for exercise in their home is helpful and a time saver and that creating a structured time to complete workouts is also important in order to not get swept up in the rest of the day and miss a workout!

Tami also says that her coach Christie is the magic but as the person who is typing this, I always give credit to the client. I simply show up to support, inspire, listen and teach but the real work has always been done by Tami, day in and day out working thru pain from joint issues, choosing more than just exercise but nutrition and overall wellness in her health improvement plan knowing that all the other “ailments” will continue to fade away as she continues to improve her mind and body and make time for all the important stuff that she loves. Moreover, like so many, she has proactively stuck with it thru a world wide pandemic and all the emotions and restrictions of being separated from family including grandchildren and just getting sick of being stuck at home and sacrificing traditional holiday celebrations. She has done it all while seeing the bright side and connecting back with herself and personal hobbies.

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