Long time member, Lisa is one of those great stories who has truly flourished in every way since life as well all knew it changed. Lisa recalled that prior to joining BE she had been inactive for about 10 years causing her weight and clothing size creep up. As she got restarted on her fitness journey, Lisa was apprehensive about whether or not she could stick with her program because in the past she would get burned out or not notice any progress which not surprisingly would cause frustration and quitting. Furthermore she found the traditional environment to be intimidating.

Lisa has not thrown in the towel. Through steady guidance and gentle pushing of multiple coaches Lisa’s fitness has greatly improved and persisted in person and now online! Pain points in her foot and achilles tendon has disappeared, she is no longer on medication for hypertension and she has found a nutrition routine that gives her the weight loss results she desires while not feeling deprived. She believes that slow and steady wins the race and that trying to change too many things at one time makes change even more difficult to sustain over the long term. As we all have learned in 2020 Lisa echos that life has its ups and downs and everyday is not perfect but we just have to be ok with it and just keep working on small goals over time and watch those quick wins add up which keeps you motivated to stay consistent and not throw in the towel.

Lisa has been working from home since March which has given her lots of flexibility to enhance her exercise schedule with less commuting to and from work and then to the studio. She has gained more free time being able to fit in more lunch time workouts instead of having to wait until 5:30 or 6pm every night of the week. She finds the workouts just as effective with the trainers making great suggestions for making each exercise work with whatever equipment she has at home. Just a few basics are needed.

Instead of gaining the COVID – 19 lbs, Lisa has lost 19+ since her new at home lifestyle has taken hold. Truly remarkable. She says she wants to lose 8 more lbs but is not hung up on the number on the scale. She just wants to feel good in her clothes, her skin and loves the feeling of being strong, firm and in control!

Lisa encourages people to JUST DO IT. Making the decision is the hardest part but everyone at BE makes everyone feel confident and comfortable and she is so happy she found the courage to join.

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