Cheryl is one of our online rockstars. Soon after we started our group classes and training sessions online, Cheryl became a member of our early morning community and she has not looked back for 9 months, showing up consistently 4 mornings a week. She strength trains 3 times per week, does TRX suspension training 1 time per week and spinning (on her elliptical trainer) 2 times per week. It is a perfect mix for improving all aspects of her fitness to thrive in her personal life that was by no means sedentary. Working out in person was not a sustainable option for her due to the rigors of her career and commute.

Before BE Cheryl spent summers hiking and winters downhill skiing but she started to learn that it was not enough to out pace her sedentary desk job. She began to notice that she had to take lots of breaks when hiking and was having trouble getting all of her ski gear from the car to the lodge. Cheryl knew she had to regain strength and stamina she felt she was losing year after year. Despite the remote format, Cheryl says she is very motivated to persist and she loves the class format, working out with others. She loves the support of the coaches and her peers in the early morning tribe and says it has been a huge game changer because she has so much more energy and manages stress better and even says getting up at 5am to being in class for 5:30am is an easy habit now.

As you can see from the photos Cheryl is a transformed woman! Just by increasing her exercise and staying consistent and tracking her nutrition (no fancy diets), she has lost 25 pounds just since August. Going forward she hopes to maintain the weight loss, keep her BMI in the healthy range and keep fitting into clothes that she thought she would never fit into again. AND her resting heart rate has reduced by almost 15 beats per minute. Cheryl will for sure feel her improved benefits when she hits the slopes on Christmas Day. What a gift she has given herself in an otherwise challenging year. We love that her husband thinks we have too much fun with all the laughing at some workouts but having fun even when it is hard is all that matters!

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