BE Power Couple, Andrea & Tad!

We love when fitness and health is a family affair and Andrea & Tad are role models for health beyond just exercise with us. Although, Andrea admits she did not have a good understanding of nutrition, she (they) have had some of the best, realistic and consistent nutrition habits that have become even more well-rounded […]

Lori A.

I like the structure of the programs I participate in here. Before starting I had become too sedentary and knew I was not practicing a healthy lifestyle. Now, everything is so easy but still takes effort and commitment. The exercise in addition to nutrition has helped me be so successful but the exercise has helped […]

Dawn C.

Before joining Body Essentials I was living a fairly ordinary & sedentary lifestyle. I was feeling fat, achy and my knee was really bothering me in addition to my “big” clothes feeling tight. I was also tired more of the time and ashamed of myself for getting to this point. I knew I had to […]

Mary Lou M.

Christie provides a holistic approach encompassing weight training, nutrition and stress management. As a senior, she studies my strengths and weaknesses. Her methods of motivation are positive and encouraging. I feel so much better.”

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