Education & Credentials:
National Exercise Trainers Association Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Raisedbarre Instructor
Certified Spinning Instructor

Sabrina Urich

Fitness Coach & Spinning Instructor
About Sabrina Urich:

A prior group fitness instructor, Sabrina has always lived an active lifestyle whether hiking working out in the gym taking kickboxing classes and maintaining a strength training routine. When her daughter Zoey was born, Sabrina became consumed by motherhood resulting in abandoning her own health & well-being practices. As her daughter got older Sabrina was teaching her about being healthy and realized that it was time for her to start exercising again and lead by example and be a good role model for Zoey. At that point Sabrina started working out with us at which point she was at her heaviest weight. With a consistent routine i place she quickly got stronger, lost the weight, saw her body change and after some nutrition work she lost more weight and established a well structured eating plan that increased her health and confidence as she got to a weight lower than before her daughter was born.

As a certified coach and Spinning instructor, Sabrina still trains in our semi-private program and takes classes when she is not teaching. She is endlessly positive and inspiring towards others and has learned from her time away from fitness how important it is to take care of ourselves to keep up with our one life. This includes not only thru physical exercise but also taking care of our emotional health as well and stay confident about our ability to live a healthy life no matter how busy we are.

With her free time, Sabrina loves spending time with her daughter whether at a sporting event or doing something else deemed fun by a teenage girl. She also spends time doing home improvement projects, some by choice! She also loves reading by the fireplace, spending time with friends or hanging out with her dog Maisy.

Sabrina attributes her recent fitness and wellness success to starting her journey at Body Essentials. She loves the uniqueness of our services and the camaraderie experienced with other members and appreciates that BE Carries you thru the good time and supports you thru the bad and challenge you thru the tough times. As a coach and instructor Sabrina exemplifies the same qualities she loves as a client.

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