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As we move into the busiest part of the holiday season here in Rutland County I wanted to impart some of the wisdom I have recently gleaned from Life Coach Cheryl Richardson! Carry it with you as you travel, host, finish last minute preparation for your Christmas & New Year celebrations over the next series of days. I know these tips have brought me clarity & calm as I jumped in feet first into the holidays on November 30th! Perhaps even read these in quiet reflection with a cozy beverage! As I write this it is actually rainy and blustery outside instead of quiet and snowy as we would hope this close to Santa's big Day! 

  • Plans Change, People Disappoint, Traditions Expire. Do your best to relax expectations & be open to the change.

  • Just because some are fueled by drama does not mean that you have to attend their performance. You must surround yourself with the energy you want to carry in your life and separate from those who do not align with that value not matter what the event/venue. Use an invisible shield or an internal mantra to distance yourself as needed.


  • The calmer you are the more time slows down and the easier and more joyful it is to get everything done. Enjoy the time & the process as much as you can.


  • Your presence truly is the best gift of all. Mindfulness may help your gift giving and the gift of just your presence. 


  • Trying to please everyone will just take away from the pleasure of this time of year. Everyone is a whole lot of people. Please those who matter most including yourself.


Happy Christmas & Merry New Year to YOU!!



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