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Did you set some goals in January for the new year? Did you get to the end of the month feeling like a failure? Your are not too! The bottom line is that January is a terrible time to expect big things from yourself. We were cleaning up from the holidays, the weather was dreadful, we had a lot of year end stuff to wrap up, and it is the middle of winter with minimal day light and we just want to hide in the comfort of a blanket in front of a "heat source." Success in January is just surviving the start of a new year. February is really where we can charge forward more proactively. So now that you can breathe easier if you feel like your whole year is lost because January was a bust, read on for how to charge forward in February ..... 

  1. Just choose a word to help lead your effort this month & beyond. One word that will hold you accountable for moving forward while also understanding the ebbs & flows of the year where you may step back a couple steps at times but charge forward at others. For example, my word is simplicity. So each time I feel like I am starting to get stuck in the "weeds" of work or life, I check my word and ask myself if I am doing opposite of my intention & then change my direction. It means progress not perfection
  2. Choose one habit per week to work on. Most often resolutions are unattainable and not specific enough. Choose one habit and move on that habit with some specific action
  3. Know WHY you are working on changing whatever it is you need to change. That way you have some "skin in the game" to stick with it. For example, EXERCISE, It is better than medicine! Workout to beat the winter blahs, to be energized, and optimistic about success and warmer days!

Do those three strategies make change seem more manageable & long term success more attainable? I hope so! As soon as we drop the notion of perfection and connect to our why, we can slowly & steadily move forward with sustainable change creating a better life for ourselves. After all, by wanting to change, we are acknowledging that SOMETHING is not working and we want to improve! And that in itself is step one to success!

Go forth & be fabulous this year! You deserve it! And of course if fitness & health is an area that you need to strengthen, we want to be your choice so hit us up NOW at ....



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