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It is that time of the year! That is the end & start of something new! Which may have you thinking of declaring some resolutions. I am all about goal setting and working towards improving myself constantly whether it is a new year, month, week or sometimes even day. So I am not against New Year's Resolutions as long as there is a solid reason (WHY) & plan around how you will actually full fill a particular resolution. To really create sustainable change, we typically need a bit more substance, detail, and clarity around what we want and why. So if you feel like you have been spinning your wheels for the last year or decade, digging in a bit deeper as to what is holding you back and creating a stronger plan around getting out of your own way is a great direction to head in. At BE we will be working on creating and implementing strong vision in 2018 which creates a strong why & accountability. Here is a snap shot of how to proceed......

Step 1: Identify the roles you play & balance in your life (spouse, parent, caregiver etc)......

Step 2: Review your past year & make notes about what worked well and what did not along with some whys for each category. Make a note of what you are most proud of from the past year and then three things that you can do this year to overcome the barriers from last year. You may even break down each quarter from last year noting what the highs and lows were from each part of the year.

Step 3 & Step 4: Create Empowering/Positive Language by (first) identifying the areas of your life that feel the most negative to you and why that is & beliefs around what is holding your back & then take those limiting areas and re-write it into a more positive/can do statement. From there create affirmative I am statements around these area's of life that have evaluated and want to change as we approach in the new year. From there you can and should regularly revisit & visualize those positive I AM statements to reinforce and remind yourself of the direction you are working towards. This is huge because there are people and circumstances that will try to take you off course and it will take constant, consistent effort to stay on track and get back on track if you stray.

Step 5: Visualize your best life for the next year and make notes on what that will look and feel like for you. This should align with what you identified in step 4. From there revisit all steps and assure that what you have laid out is motivating and meaningful for you to work towards in the next 52 weeks knowing that you ca tweek and modify as needed as you progress through the weeks and months ahead. 

This is just a quick snap shot of a process that can really be life changing if that is what you are seeking. Contact us if you want to have a transformative 2018 and would like to dig deeper in to creating significant change in your health & fitness habits in the next 52 weeks.



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