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Although  many gyms & fitness studios minimize closures over the Christmas Holiday, we are closed until Wednesday the 27th. Taking a break physically and mentally is brilliant for mind & body. Some may think that slaying it at the gym 365 days of the year makes you the roughest, toughest elf out there but if you have any recurring pain in your body, are getting sick or feeling run down, a REST is just what Santa ordered! Rest is not punishment but restoration! So here are some considerations on how to use this down time (if in fact you are not on a heavy holiday travel circuit)! 

1. Today was my first day of break and I had a physical therapy appointment bright and early at 7am. Pain, overuse, tightness happens! Not taking care of it is bad self care. Getting regular body work of some sort is pro-active. My go to is always physical therapy at Back on Track (THE BEST OF THE BEST IN RUTLAND) or Massage and periodic Chiropractic. So I got some work done on my back and my shoulder and am feeling much better after 2 weeks of manageable discomfort. SO the take away is that this can be a great time to do some self care (AKA REST from exercise and/or other treatments with any time off you have....).

2. Cross Training: We are in the middle of a brilliant snowstorm here in Vermont so get the snow shoes & skis out and take your workout outside and get that fresh air! Check out this post about Winter Solstice for inspiration on winter time......

3. Down time is a great time to clean/organize/plan for the new year.Sweep out the old and make space for new brilliance in 2018! I clearly do not have a lot of obligations over the Christmas Holiday so you may be saying when will I find the time to do this if you are traveling or hosting! Don't sweat it. 20 min here or there between now and new years can bring renewed energy and a fresh start! On Saturday December 30th, we will be working on creating our vision for 2018 in fitness, in health and in life in general. It is a great way to bring direction to a new year while reflecting on the past year! 

4. Obviously catching up with friends and family goes without saying this time of year. Having a break from work and workouts, decreases your sense of (real & perceived) obligations. So fill up your bucket with all that social time but try to avoid over filling your plate and glass (wink, wink). 

5. Literally REST! There is nothing like a good SNOW (and possibly ICE) STORM to keep you inside on the couch. Take a nap, dive into a great book, or just TAKE YOUR TIME not having to get up and out quickly. If you feel super tired and have had a harder time getting up and getting going don't beat yourself up about it. Winter in the Northeast is difficult. So honor it to a point but also, get your Vitamin D.....supplement form because it is dark and grey out so there is no way to get an adequate amount with out a supplement. 

So think of gym closures as a gift in disguise. If you think not lifting or hitting some classes is an issue over a 5 day period once a year, your mindset probably needs a check. So there is another option to consider during your rest time.  And if you just can live without some sort of workout......go back to #2!

Have the Merriest of Holidays & Gear up for a BRILLIANT 2018!

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