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We are at the heaviest part of the holiday season! This is not the time to throw in the towel if you have kept your sanity, exercise & nutrition!!!! The next two weeks can make or break your mindset going into 2018! What I mean by this is getting to 2018 and feeling like you need a life make over or starting 2018 feeling energized and a little bit above the average person! Take the holiday readiness quiz to reset your mind and body for the last two weeks of 2017. Once you complete it you will get a message from us within 48 hours cheerleading you on to the 2017 finish line with some helpful tips to overcome the challenging period that can wreak havoc on our body, mind, and spirit!


Here it is! It is not too late! Holiday Readiness Quiz!

Here are some quick strategies to consider while you await our additional tips!

-Eat before you go
-Give your hands something to do like hold a cup of coffee or water so you do not continue to grab food
-Avoid trigger foods that will put you over the edge if you have one
-Prioritize which events are most important instead of going to ALL of them
-Make that offer to bring something and make it healthy!
-Forget perfection or else you will go overboard eventually so have a morsel of something instead of a dozen!
-Don't use exercise as your excuse to overindulge! 

-You cannot out exercise multiple holiday parties in one month :)


-Is it really worth it?
-Plan in advance (like months in advance)......a little late for that now but next year.....
-Try to think of this time of year a great time to restore for the new year instead of starting the new year totally burnt out and out of shape
-Who is going to remember how stressed out you got from trying to perfect everything? 

-Who will remember how enjoyable the holiday season was because you did enough and enjoyed each moment of the season??


Falalalala, Ho, Ho, Ho & Jingle Bells!

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