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As 2018 approaches are you thinking about improving your health & fitness? If so, WHY? Like really......what is your goal and your why do you want it. As you consider your options for exercise (as there are many), really be clear on what your looking to change, improve grow and your level of seriousness of changing your life and getting long term results and changing your behaviors for life. Are you just looking to take a fitness class here and there to get through the winter or to make yourself feel better after some bad eating? Are you looking for an indoor solution for the winter? Are you looking for a community to belong to? Are you looking to get lasting change and on-going education and support from a coach on each and every visit to your chosen fitness facility? Do you want the structure and accountability of a well-educated and expert coach to lead you down a personalized path during your journey? 

At Body Essentials you will get lasting change, daily support, structure, accountability, along with a fun and inspiring community that will support you in creating healthy life time habits with your exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle! Our core values describe how we work with each and every client. And although it may be more expensive than your garden variety box gym, we think you will find it well worth your time & money if your WHY is strong enough & if you place a value on what a healthy and fit life will do for you for years and decades to come! 

Core Value #1 - Be Present & Engaged - BE Mindful

Core Value #2 - Practice Open Communication - BE Loud

Core Value #3 - Work from an Empowered Stance - BE Fierce

Core Value #4 - Demonstrate Personal Responsibility for Success - BE Active

Core Value #5 - Manifest Greatness in Yourself & Others - BE Inpsired

If any of these words or phrases speak to you want to know more about how we carry ourselves as professionals & care for our clients and also what we expect from our clients to do for themselves, contact us NOW! Now is the time to reserve your spot in the BE community & change your life in 2018!

Take a look at our website @ and fill out our contact form. We cannot wait to help you get fit once and for all!


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