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We made it thru Thanksgiving & just like that we are less than a month away from Christmas! This means the pressure & time crunch is on for the next three weeks. The parties, the shopping, the stress of it all. Do not worry. This is not the time to try and add to your problems by trying to workout more. It is the time to step back a bit if you need to or maintain the schedule you have had but also mobilize yourself whenever possible. Not only will it serve your body well, it will also aid in stress management. With the help of the American Council of Exercise (2017) lets consider this topic that is not only important to recall now but all year long.

NEAT or Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis refers to the energy we use and activity we get going through our activities of daily living (ADOL). There are three different considerations to make and recall as you progress through the next few weeks of merriment and growing social obligations and to do lists! These three categories make up the ways in which we use energy (AKA burn calories) in a given day. 

1. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) represents our resting metabolic rate to keep our physiological systems & organs functioning representing 60-75% of our daily calories used or total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) with a majority of use coming from the brain, liver, and skeletal muscle according the American Council on Exercise (2017).

2. The Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) is the process of using & storing food for energy and equates to 10% of our daily calories burned.

3. The Thermic Effect of Physical Activity (TEPA) accounts for the remaining energy expenditure in our day from planned exercise, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) as well as NEAT. This can be anywhere from 15-30% of your day!

So you are asking, what does all of this have to do with the holiday season??? WELLLL, considering how active you are cleaning house for family, being out and about shopping for the perfect gift, or standing while at social events, you can rest your mind about missing a workout or two because of the increased demands of the season because you are still capitalizing on NEAT as long as you do not over due it on holiday treats, foods, and libations and spend the next day on the couch doing nothing. 

Lets also consider various ways to mobilize NEAT to rest your mind about your body and keep you moving forward toward reaching your fitness & fat loss goals even when it seems impossible!

1. Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL): Simply put, this is an enzyme that converts fat to energy. The more you sit, the less this enzyme works proactively for you so if you sit for hours at a time at work or at home when not working you should work to change your behaviors so LPL works for you and not against you. Just as I say you cannot out exercise a bad diet, you also cannot out exercise an otherwise sedentary lifestyle at work and home.

2. What your fitness tracker & daily steps influence NEAT: Forget about competing with your friends for the most steps. Simply compete against yourself. Adding extra steps to your day can be beneficial to your health and 10,000 has been proven as a reasonable amount but start anywhere and move up from there.

3. Cleaning Your House: Not only does tidying up and weekly cleaning keep you up & moving, cleaning for seasons, events, and family can be down right vigorous so fire the housekeeper and take back your NEAT!

4. Running Errands: Shopping, shipping, & delivering? Park far away and capitalize on NEAT & fresh air to keep stress at bay and your energy high & positive at what can be a testy time of year!

5. PLAY! Whether with your kids, grandkids, fur kids or friends, take advantage of leisure time play! Walk, hike, snowshoe, or sled your way to more NEAT while getting plenty of laughs, smiles & quality time in!

So go forth, don't stress about the holidays ruining your fitness just be more mindful & productive about the use of your busy time and take back some activities you otherwise delegated thinking it was helping you when it actually hurts your health!



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