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It is always shocking to me how often people let someone else lead their life. I hear this from people all the time when they say they don't have time to exercise or that I cannot maintain this nutrition schedule, or let their employer dictate their self-worth and happiness. Until you believe that you are the leader in your own life, it will be difficult to live the life that you truly desire & get the results that you truly want from your short stay here on this earth. Sure terrible things happen to good people all the time and adversity is going to come upon the most proactive and positive people but we always have a choice in our response and the direction that we want our life to go in no matter what the circumstance. Here are my 10 favorite strategies for showing up & leading your life to get exactly what you want.

1. Resilience & Responsibility is far & away the biggest way to positively lead your life. Bouncing back from adversity, tragedy, and daily crisis will help you not sweat the small stuff and frankly most of it is small stuff. It is 100% all your call on how much you let drama drag you down a path of no return. So surround yourself with people who have similar mindsets as you or who want the same things that you do, organize your social media feed for positive information not useless drivel and stop looking for the bad in everything. Start seeing the sun in every cloud and the learning that comes from the challenging times. Have you ever noticed that the most successful people out there have terribly tragic stories or backgrounds?

2. Read......A LOT! If you only connect to another world thru social media, news, TV, and other electronic devices you are missing out on the most powerful source of feeling good. The power of reading a real live book is endless.

3. BE ALONE. Learn how to be comfortable by yourself. I am not talking about for a lifetime. I am talking about enjoying spending time by yourself in any given time of day or segment of life.

4. BE SILENT: Tuning out and turning off is great at other times besides just when you are sleeping

5. Make time for YOU: Prioritizing yourself no matter what your life looks like will help you serve others better. Even if you have kids, make time to do your thing and don't bend on that. Saying you don't have time to exercise because of your kids is essentially telling your kids that 1. exercise is not important & 2. they cannot possibly live without you for 2 hours

6. Use your vacation time: Your employer will survive without you for the 2-6 weeks of vacation time you have. Not using all your vacation time in a year is like taking wads of $50 bills and ripping them up and throwing them out. Would you EVER do that? 

7. Retrain the language in your head: I seriously have an extremely tough time blaming my life on anyone else but me. At times I think that is a problem. I can find the good in absolutely everything and find it extremely difficult to be around people who do nothing but point fingers at everyone else and only see the negative in everything. So my problem is very different from most. But seriously you can retrain your brain to experience life differently..........if you dare to. Because being negative and playing the blame game is way easier.

8. Just Say NO! I am not talking drugs here, well ok, yes you should no to drugs but really, you owe it to yourself to say no to things or people in your life that really don't serve you. Yes there are times that we can't say no but you really need to be honest about when you can say no in the spirit of self preservation!

9. Say YES to yourself! Specifically, say yes to working out, eating right, and filling your body with all the most positive pieces of life that really fill your soul whether it is people, behaviors, experiences, acts of kindness and other pieces of self-preservation. No one else is going to do it for you. Trust me.

10. Enjoy this LIFE! You only get one and if you have the right mindset, one should be enough!



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