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It is the time of year where the pace is going to be picking up with holiday preparation, holiday socials, holiday shopping, holiday travel.......get the picture? All things that zap our time, our health, and our sanity when we need all of it most! If your heart rate raises just thinking about all the obligations, you need to keep reading so you can be reminded of some strategies to save your sanity & well-being for the remainder of the year! 

Lets look at some scenarios that come up between now & new years and ways to move thru them gracefully & Healthfully .......

Thanksgiving Binge: It is inevitable that many of us will overeat on Thanksgiving Day in some way, shape, or form! I always tell people that you cannot out exercise a bad diet and that is true for sure BUT a little extra exercise the week of Thanksgiving can not only preserve the fit of your clothes but it can also save your sanity & possibly help you eat less instead of more. So try....

  • a few extra workout sessions leading up to Thanksgiving. An extra lift and an extra cardio may be just the boost you need to get beyond that big meal without feeling like an overstuffed turkey looks!
  • if the stress of Thanksgiving Day leads to emotional eating, perhaps a yoga workout will help quiet your mind and behaviors
  • on the day of Thanksgiving, try to start your day with a fresh air workout to get yourself on the right track & definitely a post Thanksgiving meal walk is an amazing option instead of sleeping it off
  • skipping every other meal on Thanksgiving Day is a terrible strategy so don't do it. Eat a normal breakfast and possibly lunch depending on what time you have the turkey. This will help minimize the constant grazing which will just not serve you well

Holiday Parties Galore: If you have numerous holiday events to attend over the next 6 weeks, make it more about the fellowship with the people at each party instead of drinking and eating your way thru it. Keep water or something else in your hand to make a bit more difficult to grab each delicious tidbit you come across. And if holiday parties cause a great deal of anxiety for you, don't overstay your comfort level.

Holiday Treats in the Office: If your work place gets inundated with cookies and candies, steer clear! Leave room for 1-2 of your favorites but do not go all in. Your mind & body will thank you for it!

Holiday Shopping: The good thing about holiday shopping is you can walk a lot so although the crowds are challenging, the movement can be great! But if going out into the retail craziness is enough to put you over the edge, shop online but if you love the crowds and really get into the holiday spirit and wear a fitness tracker, get out there and challenge yourself to get a certain amount of steps before heading home. And try to go home with money in your pocket and steer clear of the food court!

Over the River & Thru the Woods... If you do a lot of travel for the holidays, research in advance places to get your workout in. Check out the local gym or YMCA in the area(s) you are traveling to or book a hotel with a fitness center. Also, don't feel bad taking quiet moments for yourself. In the long run it will prevent losing your mind with annoying uncle Jim who talks incessantly or aunt Sally who can't hear over the 15 other people talking!

The search for the perfect gift: Change the tradition! Talk to your spouse, family, and friends and come up with a way to keep the fun in the holidays without stressing about the worst part of the holidays!

The worst part of the holidays is not making a choice to make them more enjoyable. Change the traditions for self-preservation & focus what you love about this time of year instead of dreading it all the way to January 2nd when you vow to get your life back in order!

*Eat out instead of make that meal at home. Think about how much more restful that is!

*Do you REALLY need to spend all that money on gifts?

*Is the ONLY option, to give up the last 11.5 months of good behavior for 6 weeks of indulgence? You can undo a year of goodness in 6 weeks! Challenge yourself to be healthier in the next 6 weeks than you thought possible.

Whatever you do, make this a time of gratitude for yourself, your loved ones, and the past year no matter how difficult it was!


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