Trainer Christie Garafano wakes up at 4 a.m., when the rest of the world is still in bed.



Ask her and she'll say it's the most critical part of her day.


In her profession, where she's constantly giving to everyone else, this is the time she gives to herself.


For the past 11 months, Christie has structured her mornings around what she learned in the book, “Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life… (Before 8AM)” by Hal Elrod.





Elrod teaches you to start your day with this routine called S.A.V.E.R.S.:




Sit calm and peaceful. Breathe in and out slowly. Be in the present.




Remind yourself of how capable your are. Focus on what’s important to you and read positive affirmations out loud. 




Close your eyes and visualize your daily goals, what it will feel like when you reach them. Imagine what your day will look like and then create it.




Get your heart rate up and get energized.




Read a self help book to learn a new tidbit or a new fact or to discover something new about yourself.




Write down what you’re grateful for - what you’re proud of - to put you in an empowered state of mind. 



Christie heard the author speak at a business owner’s conference and she said it's changed her life.  


“It means that I am giving to myself everyday prior to taking care of everybody else all day long as a trainer, coach and business owner,” she said. “It helps me focus and proceed mindfully into the day.”


This is what her  S.A.V.E.R.S routine looks like, from start to finish:


4 a.m.-wake up (no alarm needed).


5-10 minutes - SILENCE-Christie mediates for 5-10 minutes. 


2-3 minutes - AFFIRMATION Christie uses the ThinkUp app on her phone which has a selection of pre-recorded affirmations. It also allows you to pre-record your own affirmations. 



  • “I choose happiness no mater what the circumstances are.”  
  • “I have the energy I need to accomplish by goals.” 

2-3 minutes - VISUALIZATION-Christie visualizes what the day will look like. 


25-35 minutes-EXERCISE-Christie walks her dog for 1-1/2 miles if she’s not doing a strength training routine or yoga.  


20-30 minutes -READ- Christie is reading three books right now:

1 minute -SCRIBE-Christie writes in an online journal with the app Stigma. The app is handy because it limits journal entries to 200 characters. It also allows you to rate how you’re feeling.   


There you have it. Who's ready to give it a try?



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