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When I made a decision to run the 2017 Vermont City Marathon, I did so to keep me on a consistent training schedule running and otherwise when it is easy to neglect workouts to serve clients and work on my business. Even as a fitness business owner we can find excuses to neglect our own fitness and skip workouts for something that we perceive as being more important than our own health. Unbelievable. I also selected this challenging goal to accomplish something huge for myself but also because I had been wanting to honor cancer and our local community. Less than a week ago I culminated my marathon training, ran 26.2 miles cheerfully the entire time, and surpassed a fundraising goal of $2620.00 for the Foley Cancer Center. That is a lot of goals set and met all because I made a decision, a commitment, and stuck to it through every possible hurdle because my "WHY" was big enough. As a result I want to share with you what I have learned over the past 8 months since I committed to completing my 2nd Vermont City Marathon (First was in 2009).

1. To accomplish any goal big or small, you MUST have a big enough WHY! If you really think about any aspect of life, from getting up in the morning, going to work day in and day out, education, marriage, raising a family, having a healthy and fit lifestyle, or retirement, it is all hard if your why and your mindset sucks. Yes, somedays we would rather just pull the covers over our head and not go on with our day  but if we love our life or have a positive mindset and strong why around creating the life of our dreams, we will persist thru the good days and bad and reach our goals whether it is running a marathon, graduating from college, losing and sustaining 25 lb weight loss, or quitting smoking. Start with WHY & hang on tight and do everything possible to reach that goal. 

2. Follow the Dang Instructions! When it comes to fitness, nutrition, or following any sort of plan to reach a goal, just follow the instructions. Do not try to work around the plan that is prescribed to you to make it easier. The plan is there for a reason and your results will be reflective of how well you followed the plan, plain and simple. If you pay good money to work with a trainer and they provide you with workouts and instructions on what to do outside of your sessions, listen to what they say. Why would you second guess the recommendations they are making when they are making recommendations based on your goals and what you say you can aspire to outside of your training with your coach. The reason people don't get 110% of the results they think they are striving for is because they are not following 100% of the plan no matter what they say. Cardinal rule of marathon training is do not miss the long run! So thru my 20-week training program I always made sure I got my long run in every Sunday no matter whether it had to be in the rain or on the treadmill, it got done. It made all the difference.

3. Stay consistent to the plan: I used the outcomes from my 2008 marathon to set up my plan for 2017. In 2008 I ran 5X a week and did not focus on strength training as much as I NOW know would have benefited me. This time around I ran 3-4X times a week (including that long run) and consistently did strengthening  for my core and lower body and also used my foam roller multiple times a week. Following that full plan consistently and minding my nutrition and stress along with a couple pre-marathon chiropractic adjustments resulted in me completing the training injury and pain free in all the major joints of my body. That outcome was a bigger success than how fast I ran because it affirmed to me that the training methods we use with our clients work as long as the plan is adhered to in and outside of our studio walls. Losing weight, changing your body, achieving other goals in life are best accomplished by putting a plan in place for the defined time period needed and following it day by day. You cannot cram 20 weeks of marathon training into 6 weeks. You cannot lose 25 lbs in 4 weeks nor can you lose 25 lbs in general while temporarily changing your behavior and then go back to your old ways and expect to maintain the weight loss for a lifetime.

4. Make your life work around your goal: When people tell me they are too busy to workout, what they are really telling me is that their health and fitness goals are not important or big enough to them to make it a priority. EVERYONE is busy, that is the way life is and yup there may be a day where you need to adapt your plan but people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired or of feeling stressed and overweight will MAKE THE TIME to set the goals, follow the instructions, stay consistent to the plan and make the LIFEstyle change necessary to get the weight off, manage the stress, and feel positive and energetic 99% of the time because they changed their MIND. Raising $2620 for the cancer center could have been difficult but because I planned appropriately to be successful I was because I decided there was no other option.

5. Do the important stuff that will get you to your goal: You have to spend time evaluating your daily activities and planning your activities to get you closer to your goal. Schedule it in on your calendar or on your planner and make it non-negotiable. Use whatever motivator you need to set yourself up for success each and everyday. Committing to another marathon cost me over $100 or over $2620, depending on how I looked it. I wouldn't ever tear up a $100 bill and throw it in the trash so there was no way I was not running that marathon. And I was not going to commit to run for a cause  and not follow thru.

6. Cross Train Your Life: Whether it is training for a marathon, losing weight, or changing some other aspect of your life, take a multi-faceted approach. When I successfully finished my 26.2 journey last weekend one of the biggest levels of satisfaction I had was knowing that my "cross-training" had worked! What I mean by cross training in this context is that I did not just focus on running for months in and out but it was running, along with strength training, eating in a manner that would support my training, managing my time and stress (especially in the 2-4 weeks closest to the race) to support the pressure I was putting on my body and visualization and meditation techniques to keep my mind strong and confident that I could complete every part of my endeavor. Too many people think that to be successful at a goal you do just one task to get there like eat less food to lose weight BUT it has to be an integrated lifestyle approach!

7. Use good self-care! Talk nicely to yourself when you step back. Beating yourself up for mis-steps in any journey will only create less likelihood for success. Do something about the pain you feel. Know your body physically and mentally and get help when something is not right. When it comes to physical pain, if something lingers for more than 7 days and you have done your best to manage it with your training, go out and get help from your Dr, a physical therapist, chiropractor or perhaps acupuncture or massage. For me I visited my chiropractor twice in the two weeks leading up to my run and attribute those two adjustments to remaining pain free post race (aside from the pain & fatigue associated with the duration of time I was moving). And as part of my recovery I will go to get a massage. I am very thankful that I did not need any type of therapy thru my training process because I did all the things that I discussed above!

The choice is always YOURS and yours alone. People who get diagnosed with cancer fight the good fight 110% without a guarantee of a positive outcome. Choosing to run for a cause like that made it easy to get out and run week after week knowing that I had it way easier than those balancing cancer into the rest of their life. No one chooses that. So wherever it is you are working on, keep working on and set yourself up for success and refuse to take anything less than success as your outcome. Once you change your MIND, identify your strongest WHY, get a plan, follow the plan, and do the important work and setting your life up around that work, you will reach all the goals you ever set.  Go get em'!


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