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Setting out to reach a significant goal of any type, whether it is around exercise, diet, or some big life factor, should not be taken lightly. You must do everything in your power to set yourself up for success and stay on course no matter what or who tries to interfere. In 2009 I completed the Vermont City Marathon and for the last couple years I had been wanting to do it again but my why did not overcome the rigors of training in the Vermont winter and trying to run and grow my business on a daily basis. I have also been wanting to participate in some sort of event that represents fighting against Cancer. I feel like raising awareness or funds towards finding a cure and honoring all of the people I know who have fought, won and lost a battle with Cancer. So this fall when I decided that this year would be the year I would finish that 26.2 distance again my why was Cancer. All the people I know who are fighting, survived or lost their life with Cancer would be what got me out the door on cold and wet Vermont winter days or find me on the treadmill when it was just too dreadful to be outside. Now at Seven Weeks out from the Vermont City Marathon Race Day I can say that my why and that cause has kept me going through each long run and the process has reminded me and taught me some new things about setting and reaching goals. Below you will find some ideas on pushing through and reaching goals if you mean well but are just not motivated to stay the course beyond a few small positive milestones:

Goal Setting & Achievement for Any Topic

-Mindset: When it comes down to it, everything in life comes down to mindset. If you have a crappy mindset, you are not going to get far. Plain and simple. Build up a positive mindset by practicing extreme gratitude, reading life changing books, and surrounding yourself with the most positive people. That is the only way you will build a mindset for success in everything you want.

-A Strong Why: Perhaps your why needs to be about someone else besides you. I believe we all need to pay our own success and good fortune forward. So if you want to make a change in your life and your mode of doing so isn't quite motivating for just you, do it to make a difference to others. No matter what, your why has to be strong enough to get up and move forward each and every day.

-Resilience & Flexibility: We all know setting and reaching a goal is not without set-backs. Let the set-back be a means to finding another way to success. Don't beat yourself up for not being perfect and for crying out loud don't throw in the towel. During my marathon training I identified the biggest issue I would have and found a way around it so I would still be successful. Once I did that I stopped mentally beating myself down for not following the conventional rules of training & that has made all the difference.

-Build your whole self: Sometimes it is not just about the goal but it is about the entire process and your entire being. Over five months ago I started getting up at 4am simply to work on MYSELF in order to better serve others. I meditate, use affirmations, visualization, reading, writing, and exercising to start everyday off on a positive and energized note and that has made all the difference in every aspect of my life including my efficacy towards finishing the marathon while working towards a positive cause for others. This routine came about from the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. If you are looking to make some radical change in your life, I would highly recommend this book and practice. A 4am wake up time is not a requirement!

Any form of change in life is possible as long as you believe it and make it so. Any excuse in the book will take you off track but a bigger amount of determination will get you wear you want to go any minute, hour, day, week, and month of the year!

Now go out there and make a difference to yourself and to others!

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