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The scale has always been our enemy no matter what goal weight has been achieved. With that being said, the scale brings down our self-esteem, our determination to keep going, and our overall mindset. Why do we keep romanticizing the scale? Instead, we should be evaluating how we feel. Bring yourself together, think about your whole body, feel your whole body in that moment…now, how do you feel? That should be your first determinate of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Second, how do your clothes feel? Are they a little looser than a few months ago? Those pair of jeans you have been fantasizing about fit now!! That is another amazing accomplishment for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Third, do you see your body changing? Look at your arms, your stomach, your legs, and now feel them. Does your body feel a little more toned, and a little less fluffy? That is a huge accomplishment when you can see it and feel it!!


Stop looking at the scale for accomplishments. When you are living a healthy lifestyle, yes the pounds can fall off once fat comes off, but with exercise and weight training, you’re gaining muscle to replace the fat. One pound of muscle is smaller than one pound of fat. Now, think about that. That means you can fit more muscle in your body than fat in a more condensed area!! The scale is our enemy and always will be, so become more tactile and feel your body, look at your body, and feel the difference in your clothes. Those should be your accomplishments, and NOT the number on the scale. This will make you happier, and have a more positive mindset about losing fat.



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