Personal Training in Rutland - Body Essentials Personal Training & Wellness

As we begin to roll through March and step out of our winter hibernation, we are presented with a great opportunity to reflect on and reassess our health goals for spring.

A great place to start is by attending Body Essentials’ Nutrition Seminar! Being held on March 25th at 10:30 am at the studio located at Building 17 in the Howe Center. You will be given the chance to take a deeper look into how your nutrition has been shaping your life and how you might want to change it in the next few months heading into summer. We will be presenting on nutrition trends in today’s society, and what this thing people call a “diet” should really look like. Factors like balanced meals, timing, and portion size will all be discussed, as well as other factors that you may be unaware of that are contributing to your nutrition and weight management plans. We will also introduce our nutrition coaching platforms that include the Balanced Habits 28-Day Kickstart & the Balanced Habits Life Monthly Coaching Programs.

Join us on March 25th to dig deeper into what you’re putting into your body, and listen in for our solutions to your struggle. 

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