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I am a fan of the new year, new month, new week, and new day! I like to plan, feel refreshed and energized. The new year, month, week and day are all points of renewal for me. BUT when it comes to the new year and post holiday's the only thing I feel like doing at times is surrendering. And I don't mean just giving up but more of a letting go of the expectations, letting go of items still on my to do list from the previous year and letting go or trying to keep up with the fury of the expectations of a new year. Instead, I just wanted to rest and pursue what I felt like my heart was telling me to do. 

So this year that was precisely what I did. I cleaned "house." I threw out and deleted stuff that did not get done in 2016, I clean my desk, computer closets, let go of old workout patterns and forgave myself for past nutrition transgressions and allowed myself physical and spiritual rest. If you are reading this and thinking this is what I need  but you feel like you need permission to surrender, I hereby give it to you! Trust me, I needed permission and got it and took action and am still taking action.

The outcome of surrender (if you full embrace the surrender) is abundant gifts from the universe. While you are resting and allowing your life to go with the flow without trying to force it into something you think it should be, it will become what you want it to be without even working for it. Once you all yourself to surrender you will want to hit that workout and look forward to it, you will want to clear the house out of all that bad food and poor nutrition and old clutter. You will get exactly what you want and need from your physical and emotional life.

So here, in mid-January, if you are beating yourself up about not "getting it together" in this new year, don't stress! Do not work against the tide, just try to go with the flow and watch everything fall into place. Entering into an exercise program because you feel you should is not going to get you results that you may desire, nor will changing your nutrition if you are only making a change because someone else said you should or if you feel like you have to. So relax, rest, explore and don't let the pressure of the new year drag you down. Get to it when you are good and ready!

Enjoy every ounce of 2017! Every day, week, and month!

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