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Being a member at Body Essentials is far from just exercise & nutrition. As you are probably well aware of  lifestyle issues such as stress, sleeping patterns (or lack there of), and motivation hinder your overall success and adherence to regular exercise and desired body transformation goals. At Body Essentials we help our members strategize habits around all these areas on a regular basis for a full mind & body connection to lifelong wellness, fitness, & life satisfaction. We use a behavior adherence worksheet weekly to challenge clients to think beyond coming to workout and trying to keep the nutrition on track. Most likely what is taking people off track is that stress is not being managed when life and/or work gets too crazy, people have terrible sleeping habits and schedule, people are not as committed to their goals or desire to change as they think they are or they have a terrible mindset towards the effort and discipline required to transform their life. Once we understand that it is our entire life that matters when it comes to losing that 10lbs, successfully training and completing that 10K, improving daily function for a long energetic and positive life. It is far from just getting a couple hours of workouts in or eating well Monday - Thursday. Here are the super important considerations to take seriously in your life when embarking on a fitness journey that really is much more than a fitness journey.






Stress: I implemented strategies to reduce or redirect stressful moments throughout the defined time frame




Sleep: The quality & quantity of sleep over the defined time frame was adequate & measured 6-9 hours.




Nutrition: 85-90% of the time I eat the best foods and drink for me in an adequate amounts while maintaining a level of nutritional satisfaction throughout day and week.







Mindset: I maintain a positive mindset more times than not and reel in negative thoughts and actions as needed.








Level of Confidence: As it relates to my health, exercise, and body change goals I remain confident about my ability to succeed and set forth positive strategies when my confidence decreases.

As you consider your 2017 plans to improve your life, remember it is the entire package that has to ebb and flow into one big happy, fit, energetic, and positive being for maximum functioning & awesomeness! 

Body Essentials has the entire package wrapped up wonderfully for you with no need to shop multiple practitioners!

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