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As we head into the busiest yet most wonderful time of the year, I urge you all to be present in the moment, and be mindful. As the days fill up with holiday tasks such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, preparing for company and so on, remind yourself that this time of year is supposed to be joyous and restful. One tool you can use is to create lists for yourself, prioritizing your tasks. What needs to get done?  What can wait? Be easy on yourself this time of year- you wouldn’t want to enter the New Year with a run-down mind and body.  Below, I offer 5 tips on how you can mindful and keep yourself well this Holiday season:

  1. Bring awareness to your everyday activities. Do you tend to zone out a lot? If so, try to bring yourself to that moment, whether it be while driving, brushing your teeth, or surfing the web. Do these activities with a purpose; don’t let your mind wander, even with these mundane tasks.
  2. Fill and use your time wisely. Try to leave some time out of your calendar to just ‘be’. Do not overbook yourself, be mindful of how you use and schedule your time. This is also great practice in priority making-which things are you choosing to take most of your time?
  3. Spend time in nature. Sure, it is more effort to bundle up and get outdoors this time of year but you will feel better. Get out for a walk, ski, or snowshoe and truly enjoy the moment and beauty of winter in Vermont. 
  4. Practice listening without judgments. With family visits, social outings and other holiday activities, we tend to react to others views and ideas irrationally. Be mindful in conversion, and practice listening before blurting out what is on your mind.
  5. Most importantly, bring your mindset to your workouts. Do not rush; allot adequate time to complete the tasks we have given you. Trust the process and be mindful of the time you are putting into yourself. Truly be present in your workouts.
The Season is what you make it, so make it fun, fit & fabulous!

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