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In an effort to keep your work outs fresh, exciting, and on trend with effective workout methods we are transition our Wednesday 5:30 pm circuit to a Kettlebell Circuit class starting in January! Many of you are familiar with a range of kettlebell moves from our group and one on one workouts so this transition will not seem entirely new to you but a great transition in intensity and fun your usual dumbell and barbell work! 

If you are not familiar with the Kettlebell, it looks like the image above, the funky shaped bell with a handle. In strength training, kettlebells offer a variety of benefits:

-An increase in overall strength, stamina, and endurance

-Cardiovascular enhancement

-Strength gains

-Core stability

The great thing about kettlebells is  that depending on the manipulation of training variable, a workout can be focused more for cardiovascular improvement one day and strength training the next all dependent  on how the bells are used in a given workouts. For example, you can use one or two bells, either heavy or light with low or high reps depending on goals and fitness level!

In comparison to dumbells, kettlebells offer more variety and variation with certain exercises. I addition, the unique shape of the bell offers additional stability work as well as grip and core stabilizing muscle action. According to physiology researcher, Dr. John Porcari, kettlebell training increases strength which you would expect, but you also get other benefits that you would not expect from strength training like enhancing your aerobic capacity and building core strength without doing exercises we normally think of as core specific moves. Therefore, using a kettlebell will definitely give you more bang for your buck boasting a multitude of benefits from one training mechanism and system!

Starting in January, Ally will begin teaching you the ins and outs of this tool while guiding you safely to increased strength and endurance while revving up the fat loss!

Get excited about 2017 being your most amazing fitness year yet!!!!!!

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