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Staying true to the healthy eating resolution can always be tough around holiday time, especially Thanksgiving where there are dishes upon dishes of yummy, heavy, and carb loaded food. There’s a way to switch up the normal traditional Thanksgiving recipe, and not make you want to unbutton your pants or loosen that belt around your hips. Here are some alternatives from, “Bon appétit,” and their website will be linked at the bottom! Enjoy!

Mashed Potatoes:

They are essential on the Thanksgiving table, but instead of the heavy cream, sticks of butter, and whatever else that will make it heart attack central, try swapping out the butter for olive oil and roasted garlic. Take out the heavy cream and mix in whole milk and a touch of butter. Add some minced chives for flavor, and if you are one of those people who usually add cream cheese, swap it out with Greek yogurt, pepper, and horseradish. There are links on the website that can show you a few different ways to make those favorite mashed potatoes.

The Stuffing:

What’s Thanksgiving without stuffing? Try stepping away from the carb-heavy, cubes of bread and pack vegetables (mushrooms, root vegetables, and celery) alongside them. Add some flavor with dried fruit, herbs, and maybe some toasted nuts. Maybe, even try switching to WHOLE WHEAT bread as well.

Green Bean Casserole:

The green bean casserole does not need much more than the green beans, to be completely honest! Keep it simple and sauté them, roast them, and even drizzle some olive oil while cooking. Options are endless, especially when you would like to add some nuts, garlic, etc.


For some, gravy is a must. But, it is not exactly the healthiest. Aim to use VERY little butter if you absolutely need it when adding to the gravy. If you want it a little chunky, add some roasted carrots, onions, and maybe other vegetables.


If you are going to have a Thanksgiving meal, dessert NEEDS to come afterwards…Right? Pumpkin pie is not a bad choice. Pumpkin contains disease-fighting antioxidants and is relatively low-calorie. When it comes to dessert, take a small sliver. Enjoy, but enjoy in moderation. There is really no need to try every single dessert that day.

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