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Somewhere between the holiday parties, holiday shopping excursions, feast feasting, holiday baking, family hosting, New Year’s parties, oh and that thing called WORK, we somehow have to fit in our fitness and keep our sanity. How is that even possible with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? Keeping your physical health in shape is imperative for your mental health. They really do work hand in hand. Even if it is just a walk around the block, you are still moving. This will allow time for both your body and mind to distress and unwind, and keep away the bulge around the toughest times of the year to do so.

            Sanity. Don’t ditch your workout routine and meditation rituals (yoga, mindfulness, positive thinking). Exercise releases endorphins and that same sensation of freedom you are searching for in the fourth glass of wine, you will find on the Yoga mat or the running trail. The natural endorphins will last longer and won’t leave you feeling like you got slammed by the toxicity freight train the next morning. But, it is okay to practice mindful indulgence. It is the holiday season after all. The key to staying on track and feeling ready to take on the New Year as your best self is to balance moments of indulgence with a bit of mindful self-control. If you find yourself eating or drinking for comfort or to escape, try taking a time out to meditate and get back into a mindset which honors your goals.

            Fitness. Though it may seem impossible to fit fitness into the busy holiday season, it is possible. It does not need to be a full workout every single time, every single day, but movement will help decrease the “holiday bulge.” Here are some tips: try to go on a family stroll after you eat and enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy the autumn or winter air with the family and take in the beautiful scenery. Celebrate Christmas? Go out and cut down the Christmas tree yourself. Cutting the tree and dragging the tree can be a great full body workout. Before holiday parties or hosting a family gathering at your house, create a circuit workout before you jump in the shower. Get moving; get sweaty, and work as hard as you can for about thirty minutes. Take some of the workouts from class and incorporate it in this routine. 

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