People seek out gym memberships and personal trainers for a number of different reasons. Some are looking to increase their mobility and stability, increase their strength, prepare themselves for an upcoming trip, or, the obvious and most popular reason, to lose weight. What happens when the weight doesn't come off as fast as you had hoped or expected? When goals are too lofty and expectations aren't met, about 50% of exercisers who are new to fitness end up calling it quits almost before they've even begun. There are plenty of other reasons to work out or exercise in whatever way makes you happy & able to stick with it as a lifestyle instead of just a means to an end.

Great Reasons to Start & Keep Exercising:

  • Older women who do cardio exercise are able to recall and remember more than sedentary individuals. Next time you misplace your keys or your glasses, go for a walk! A brisk forty-minute walk twice a week is all it takes to start noticing improvements.
  • Exercise helps you livelonger; a study at the National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan found that exercising fifteen minutes a day would give you an extra three years of life. Exercising thirty minutes a day helps you to live four years longer than fellow couch potatoes. Cancer rates decrease by 10% and heart disease decreases by 20%. If you don't want to exercise to lose weight, exercise to add years to your life.
  • Is work stressing you out or are you having a bad day? Get some movement or gym time in! When you exercise your brain releases the chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine, which reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. By not placing stress on their body with exercise, people who are less active have a harder time dealing with stress in everyday life.

Next time you're in the middle of a sweat session and questioning why you willing subject yourself to such discomfort, think about the internal benefits that you can't see in the mirror. Adding extra years to your life, decreasing your stress levels, and improving your memory are just a few extra reasons you may not have thought of to exercise. What's your reason? What keeps you going?





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