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The way we think is our everything. If we constantly think we don’t look good enough we are not going to get better. If we don’t enjoy exercise but do it to burn off all the bad food and drink we consume, than exercise will always be a chore not to be enjoyed or desired. If we change the way we think, by accepting ourselves in our current state of appearance and exercise because it is good for us and makes us feel good, we can actually change our life to one of positive actions and attitudes almost all the time! Not that every hour of every day is full of sunshine and roses but if we think differently about ourselves, others, and situations life becomes a beautiful life to be lived not endured.

We choose how we think and in-turn what we think about. Changing your attitude and overall mindset is in your hands. Getting up in the morning with a deep breath and a smile is a small act that can impact the whole rest of your day.

We are faced with obstacles and unfortunately stuff pops up that we might not want or choose to happen — but — the way we go about approaching the unexpected is something that we can control.  Maya Angelou once said, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” Do not be reduced by what life throws at you; take a nice, deep breath and actively choose to accept the challenge (or positive attitude or whatever it may be that makes you say “grrr”).

Changing your life for a better whole body/mind life experience isn’t something that just happens, you’ve got to get out there and devotedly, passionately create a space where good attitudes and mindsets are able to grow and become contagious. You’ve got it no doubt; and remember, just like having a great workout with sweaty armpits and heavy breathing, changing your mindset for a better life takes active, hard work to achieve. So next time you get dressed for dinner out or to go to work and look at yourself in the mirror, smile and say dang I look great. And next time you go to workout, tackle it with enthusiasm knowing that you are only one workout away from a better day, a better body, less pain etc.

Some other quick tips for shifting your mind:

  • Minimize exposure to constantly negative people (including those on social media). Negativity is like a tick that will embed itself in your body causing emotional and physical illness!
  • When negative thoughts come into your mind, ask yourself why you are thinking that. People are dumb but you are wasting your time getting upset about that topic because people are people and letting others drag you down is a huge waste of time
  • When you think you can’t do something, consider why you think that and prove that thought wrong and JUST DO IT!
  • Embrace all the amazing things each day and in your life. If you can’t count at least three a day, your attitude needs an overhaul. Gratitude of all things small and big will help create an invincible attitude where all things are possible!

Now go out and kick some A**!

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