ACTIVITY….You don’t need to go out and run marathons or be a power lifter. You just need to do something and put increased activity at the forefront of your mind!

BODY IMAGE…Appreciate your health and what you have! Every BODY is different and long legs and a size 2 body does not mean health!

CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH…Heart disease is a leading killer among men and women! Take care of it physically and emotionally! They both count immensely!

DAILY AFFIRMATION…..Yes you can! You just have to believe it and take actionable steps!

EVERYDAY HEALTH……It is not something you do once in a while. Allow it to become embedded into your daily routine. Eating well, taking care of yourself (sleep, hygiene etc), managing stress…

FORGIVENESS…Life is not always perfect so we have to learn to live and let live and forgive when needed otherwise we get in our own way by harboring negative thoughts from the past.

GRATITUDE….A daily ritual of appreciating all the we DO HAVE in our lives is critical so we don’t get bogged down in life’s challenges. Appreciate life’s gifts big and small!

HAPPINESS…Life on earth is much too short so choose your attitude and remember your thoughts become your actions and life outcomes.

INSPIRE…Do something that moves you everyday. Dream big, act big and pass it on!

JUMPING JACKS…who says you have to do complicated exercises to get a good workout! Get back to basics. It all counts! What matters is that you move!

KATALYST…(it really starts with a C). Be your own catalyst…don’t wait for something or someone else to rev you up!

LIVE LIFE…..Do you want to be remembered only for how hard your worked? Enjoy your leisure time. Have a hobby and don’t make life about your job! Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life!

MINDFULLNESS….Be in the moment not 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days from now. All that matters is this moment!

NURTURE…..Yourself and others! A little kindness goes a long way.

ORGANIZE….your home, workspace, and head towards healthy behaviors and thoughts

PRIORITIZE …..your day for nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness and balance

QUALITY VS QUANTITY…You are better off working out for 20 minutes at a higher intensity cardiovascuarly and doing good quality strength building exercises instead of 60 minutes at a lower level and taking big breaks between exercises and roaming around the gym.

REST…..critical to good health. Despite what society says about how hard we need to work and how productive we need to be it is more important to be well rested and then we will actually be more productive in less time and have more energy to do the things we love outside of work!

SOCIALIZE….Make your health social. Cook healthy meals when you have company for dinner. Lighten up holiday meals. Incorporate activity when spending time with family and friends. Keep the drama out and the positive energy in.

TIME MANAGEMENT…one of the biggest barriers to incorporating more exercise in our days

USEFUL….Technology has a lot of great uses when it comes to managing and tracking health but just like everything it should be used in moderation!

VERMONT…It is a four-season state with so many opportunities for activity. Make a list today!

WELLNESS…It is not just about being “in shape” and losing weight. It is the whole picture of health in your life.

XCITABLE….Ok yes this starts with E but whatever! Find something about good health that excites you. Perhaps a specific workout, something in the environment, a book, a recipe, a blog, some person etc. Being excited as opposed to treating your health like a chore will go a long way…unless of course you enjoy sitting in Dr’s offices for otherwise preventable issues!

YOGA……Practice! It is good for mind, body and soul! You just have to find a class/practice that works for YOU!

ZEALOUS…Go for it! You have to make your own health and wellness happen! There is no magic pill!

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