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There are countless ways to approach fitness, fat and weight loss. There are shakes, weight loss pills, guarantees to transform your body in 3 months, 21 day fixes and on and on and on. You can throw away your hard earned money and get short term results and instant gratification and eventually end up where you started but with less money in your pocket OR you can jump in feet first and make an honest lifestyle change that will sustain you forever. What exactly does that entail? It entails increasing your daily physical activity by getting up and moving more, it means fitting in structured exercise into your week that will make your entire body stronger and more efficient, it means learning about and incorporating real food strategies into your day. It also means delving into yourself and figuring out what holds you back and prevents the results and lifestyle you desire.

It does not mean severely restricting your diet, it does not entail spending too much money on useless supplements and shakes, it does not mean exercising seven days per week to a point of failure, nor does it mean emptying your pocket financially on strategies that you cannot maintain for an entire lifetime. Honest Fitness and nutrition does not require anything you cannot buy at a grocery store or from a qualified and educated fitness professional. Honest fitness just means putting in some effort, being willing to make some nutritional changes, enhancing your level of fitness and sticking with it in a manner that works for you! That means you shop in the super market but probably buy some different items than you may now. It means you may work one on one with a personal trainer learning exercise strategies and getting some workouts you can do on your own at home. It may mean that you workout on your own at a gym or take group fitness classes. It most definitely means you will be making changes across most aspects of your life that will get you to a better place whether that is less fat on your body, more strength, less pain, less weight, so on and so on. It most definitely means that you will be working every hour of the day, everyday of the week to get better at your health and fitness. Losing fat and weight and increasing activity and fitness has to be integrated into all aspects of your life not just in one hour of your day! You cannot cheat your way to honest fitness and to the you that lives pain free and loves looking in the mirror!

If honest fitness and nutrition is what you want, get in touch with us ASAP! Spend your workout with intention getting where you want with real education, training, and re-framing your life to live long and vigorous.

What do you want to feel and look like at the end of the summer? How will you spend the fall and winter months? Lets get there together!

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