Lisa Navarrete

Lisa began her fitness quest at the age of 51 after undergoing gastric-bypass surgery after reaching her heaviest weight of 285lbs. She realized that it wasn’t just about the weight loss but more about what she could do with less weight to carry around and by increasing her strength. Three years later, Lisa is now coaching clients on fitness and nutrition in order to reach weight loss goals and feel good about themselves in the process. She believes coaching is not about your look or putting your self on display with your own accomplishments but helping others reach their goals is what is paramount. She believes this is what sets Body Essentials apart from other places.

In her free time, Lisa spends her summer sailing on Lake Champlain, traveling back to Mexico to honor her father every November and competing in a 10K or half marathon while there. She also recently completed her first Spartan Race.

She wants everyone to know that at Body Essentials we are all about people and not cute outfits and selfies. “You are coached through good times and coached extra through the times when you struggle to stay on track. “

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