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Andrea McQuade

After a 30-year career in education spanning from elementary to college level work, Andrea is now spending some of her retirement time using her natural skills helping people achieve their goals and better understand the benefits that exercise a healthy diet, and calm mind can have on overall health. As someone who has been active throughout her life, Andrea brings a lot of personal experience not only with strength training but also with yoga and tai chi in addition to nutrition principals and practices for stress management. Andrea came to us after a back injury realizing that she needed to strengthen her body more to prevent future injuries. She has grown from client to certified coach over the last 2.5 years

Andrea has a passion for working with a wide variety of populations but especially those with physical challenges and the aging population. She is a great listener and takes time to assess an individual or situation thoroughly before taking action. She finds working with a team as well as with individuals in order to help people recognize and utilize their strengths is critical.

Andrea likes the model we have in place here at Body Essentials supporting clients with overall health and well being while utilizing lots of variety in each workout with a bonus being the positive & fun-loving community. She says it is different than any other exercise program she has tried and encourages everyone to try it.

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