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Our Semi-Private Training program is designed for all participants in mind. Meaning, our experienced instructor's plan and implement personalized programs to ensure each person successfully meets their fitness goals. Each class is for groups of 2-3 and lasts 60 minutes each time. So, it is time to grab a couple friends, kick your old workout routine out, and join us in Semi-Private Personal Training in Rutland.

Having a small community to workout with adds an extra dose of energy to keep you accountable and motivated, and can make all the difference while working out. Our instructors are dedicated to their job and you; because our number one goal is to kick you into the best shape of your life. We guarantee you will see quick and lasting results through our Semi-Private Personal Training in Rutland.

Get Fit, Toned, and Sculpted through Semi-Private Training in Rutland   

Forget the same old, monotonous workout routines you are used to. Instead, challenge yourself to be better! Our instructors promise to give you a hard workout, that will leave you wanting more and ready for the next class. You will not only gain better physical fitness, but the knowledge to make it last.

Benefits of Semi-Private Training

Your body will thank you after just a few short sessions with us! We promise you will feel and look great! And you will love all the added benefits and features you will receive through semi-private training. Below are just a few: 

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Physical Fitness
  • Increased Energy
  • Less Stress
  • Improved Flexibility and Body Awareness

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