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At Body Essentials Personal Training & Wellness, we take personal training seriously. If you are looking to kick your workout routine up a notch, then you have found the right place. Personal Training in Rutland offers personalized, one-on-one training to all clients. Whether you are looking to gain more strength or looking to drop a few pounds, all clients are welcome and we will cater our services to meet your goals.  

Each session lasts 60 minutes, where you will be challenged and pushed by our highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers. Results don't come easy, but we guarantee you will have fun in our friendly and safe environment.  

Your Goals are Our Goals at Body Essentials Personal Training and Wellness in Rutland 

Through accountability and motivation, we have no doubt that our highly certified trainers will not only get you to your fitness goals but exceed them. We understand that fitness and nutrition are hard, but we are here to be your extra push to send you on a healthier path.

And your body will thank you for all the added benefits of Personal Training in Rutland.

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Strength and Muscle Definition
  • Increased Balance and Flexibility
  • Decreased Stress Levels
  • Improved Focus and Concentration

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